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Roses Always Come with Thorns

July 1, 2023 Leave a comment

Here’s Master Choa’s tip to Relationships: No matter how sweet and wonderful your beloved is, there will always be shortcomings. Roses always come with thorns. Be happy!

Unbelievable, right?

Most often, it’ll take a lifetime to learn.

You’ll learn that like quality energy attracts like quality energy. Loving-kindness attracts loving-kindness. Anger and hatred attract anger and hatred.

NOTE: Verbally repeating the mistake of a person is nagging. Nagging does not work.

MONEY: Rich People are Bad People!

That’s what Maria (not her real name) faced internally when a Pranic Healer invited her to attend a prosperity course.

Maria was four hours late because her Grab car got stuck in traffic.

Since she knew about energy, she thought about what kind of energy she had that led to this traffic jam.

She asked herself, "What do I think about wealthy people that keeps me from going to this event?"

Then she thought: "All I want is a simple life. I'll be happy about that. I don't need money!"

She immediately got rid of this negative thought and replaced it with a better one. Only after she made this decision that the cars started to move.

So, she told her friend about it, when she arrived at the venue.

All her friend did was nod. "Oh, you're right! I also want a simple life. I'll be happy about that."

She seemed shocked. Maria did not expect that to be the answer.

"Are you with me?" she asked. Then why do we still go to classes on how to get rich?"

Her friend kept quiet.

Instead, her friend told her about the topics discussed while she was in the traffic jam. Maria's friend said, "By the way, Maria, I remember your story about how you loved it when you gave your last five hundred pesos to buy food for the hungry people outside St. Jude Thaddeus church."

"Yes, and I've done it before," she said.

"Tell me," her friend said, "do you need money to buy the food?"

"Of course, yes." She laughed. "I had to make a budget and find the cheapest thing to eat at McDonald's to buy food for people outside the church."

"You need to have the money, right? I don't get it. Don't you need to be wealthy to be able to give to others? Shouldn't a person who wants to help others get rich?"

Maria became quiet.

She could tell that her friend was making a point.

Her friend told her, "Maria, rich people become bad when they don't use their money to help others, including their own lives and the lives of their families to become better."

“Like me, I take these prosperity lessons because I want to be rich to help more people.”

SPIRITUALITY: It’s Not My Area of Expertise!

Juana (not her real name) says she can't lead the Meditation on Twin Hearts during an international event.

She says, "I'm not that sure of myself yet."

But so many people have told her they can connect to and feel better when she talks about how she was healed and how the Meditation on Twin Hearts helped her and her family.

Friend, you don't have to be an expert to inspire others with your transformational stories.

Here's what matters:

To know that you are the Soul
To find ways and solutions to overcome the obstacles
To go beyond the limitations, with calculated courage and fearlessness
To be still
And do things with loving-kindness and non-injury.

In blessing the Earth and every person and being, silently say,

“From the heart of God,

Let the Whole Earth be blessed with loving-kindness.

May the mind of every person, every being be blessed with

Diving Light, divine guidance, wisdom and discernment.

May the will of every being be blessed with inner strength

To do what is right and to refrain from unwholesome actions.

May every person, every being be blessed with happiness,

Good health, spirituality, and abundance. So be it!”


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Heart Health Hacks

March 24, 2023 Leave a comment

by Atty. Chi Padayao


How to look after your heart without drastically further overworking it with stressful treatments?

Most people with a heart condition will tell you that further overworking the heart with stressful heart treatments is barely worth the aim of extending well-being, energy, vitality, and life.

But according to the World Health Organization, heart disease remains the number 1 killer, the leading cause of death globally for the last 20 years.


In Medical News Today,

“Medical professionals use the term heart disease to describe several conditions. Many of these conditions relate to plaque buildup in the arteries walls. As the plaque develops, the arteries narrow. This makes it difficult for blood to flow around the body and increases the risk of heart attack or stroke. It can also give rise to angina, arrhythmia, and heart failure.”

In one forum, someone who suffered a heart attack described it,

“I would add, breaking into a cold sweat. There are times when you will have no symptoms, which is known as a “silent MI” or heart attack. The best thing you can do is not delay, as this is the biggest mistake that is made. Also, women can experience upper abdominal pain and not chest pain as a presenting symptom of a heart attack.”


A Johns Hopkins cardiologist considers stress a risk factor for serious heart problems.

Recent research says that people who are more worried about losing their job are nearly 20 percent more likely to have heart disease. This and including even stress-related enjoyable events, may still raise the risk of a heart emergency.


So why not extend well-being and be filled with energy, vitality, and life without further overworking the heart with stressful heart treatments?


Here are my 3 favorite heart-health hacks right now:


According to Master Choa Kok Sui, patients with long-standing resentments cause the solar plexus chakra to be congested with dirty energy. Part of that goes to the heart chakra, which in the long run, causes the physical heart to become enlarged.
Thus, the practice of forgiving is therapeutic and necessary for good health.

EAT YOUR FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES According to Master Choa Kok Sui, fresh fruits and vegetables contain a lot of pranic or life energy, which is much needed for a patient’s body.
Thus, a patient with severe ailments (like heart disease) should become a vegetarian temporarily or permanently.


According to Master Choa Kok Sui, doing the Meditation on Twin Hearts increases the size of the spiritual cord and, therefore, the amount of divine energy coming to the body.
Thus, this will, of course, significantly accelerate the healing process.

And here in Pranic Healing school, you can have the skill to look after your heart with tender loving care…

Without waiting for your first attack to happen.

While spending less time on research on identifying the disease process.

And you are finding a more straightforward way to let your body have that stress-free time off.


This is precisely how Pranic Healing and Meditation on Twin Hearts helped Ruth “Lovely” Tarona be healed from her rheumatic heart disease.

Read her story here: My Healing Miracle!


Finding Beauty in Every Pain

June 6, 2021 Leave a comment

Pranic healing teachings and spiritual technology of Master Choa Kok Sui has transformed the life of a person who was stuck and encaged in unnecessary life challenges due to health crisis for 22 years.

Watch how Lyn Balbin, who was once a patient, now a Pranic Healer, navigated her life using these teachings to overcome the crises and emerged as a healthy and successful individual.

Life of Chi

February 23, 2021 Leave a comment

Atty. Chi Padayao


Do you ever wonder if there’s a faster yet safe way to transform yourself and your life?

Many people think that it’s impossible to get over health, relationship, financial and spiritual hurdles all at the same time.

They think they need lots and lots of time for research to do it until they can change into better persons.

That they have to spend much money and effort to improve their situation.

Well, I, too, was in that situation.

Pretty recently, actually.

A few days before the AY Intensive Program, Mama (my mother) put herself under self-quarantine.

Her co-worker was in close contact with a COVID+ spouse.

Did I tell you that my parents are both in their 60s and vulnerable?

Naturally, worry energies surfaced out in the family.

But with spiritual technologies taught in Pranic Healing® and Arhatic Yoga®, we got over the initial panic reaction.

Mama also nudged her co-worker and COVID+ spouse to register with the PHFP Humble Crown Healers distant healing program for COVID+.

Two days later which was the first day of the AY Intensive Program, Mama’s co-worker tested COVID negative.

Our family was free from mental, emotional, physical, and financial harm.

And I could focus on the weekend’s Arhatic Yoga® practice.

You see, while at the 2-Day Arhatic Yoga® Intensive Program, I did a bit of brainstorming with my co-Arhatic Yoga practitioners as to the effect of using the Arhatic Yoga® and Pranic Healing® technologies in promoting good health, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

What we discovered was mind-bending.

Read more…

Discover the Beauties of Pranic Healing as a Family

February 22, 2021 Leave a comment

Pranic Healing is not just an energy healing. It is a lifestyle, a way of wholesome living using the knowledge and techniques of using energy that keeps every person and every being alive.

We are not just this physical body, but instead a being beyond it. There is an energy field surrounding every one of us that keeps us healthy and alive. This luminous energy field is often called the aura.

Sometimes this brilliant aura gets contaminated, and ailments appear as a result. In fact anything that disturbs us from an unhealthy meal or improper hygiene, to stress, fear and arguments affect our aura making it dimmer, imbalanced and dirty, which in the long run will appear as pain, discomfort, physical or even psychological ailments.

Thus to remain healthy, we need to take good care of our energy body!

Pranic Healing in this case provides simple and easy to learn techniques to cleanse our energy body regularly and energize it in order to improve our overall physical and psychological conditions.

Pranic Healing is also called the “Science of Healing” as it uses validated and tested methods and protocols to ensure a rapid and safe recovery. Many people from all over the world and practicing Pranic Healing and have experienced and benefited from its techniques.

So join us along with your wonderful family and become a part of the Pranic Healing Family.

COVID19 and Meditation On Twin Hearts

April 1, 2020 Leave a comment

MCKS Meditation on Twin Hearts works on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels to open the heart chakra (the physical heart) and the crown chakra (the spiritual heart), thereby enabling the practitioner to draw down a great amount of divine energy into the crown and into the whole system.

When we do Meditation on Twin Hearts, our energy body is cleansed.  Master Choa Kok Sui said when you take a bath you clean the physical body.  When you do your Meditation on Twin Hearts, it’s like taking a spiritual shower to clean your energy body.

Your energy body is composed of aura and chakras.  When your aura and chakras are substantially clean, you have a healthier physical body.

If you regularly practice Meditation on Twin Hearts, you are regularly cleaning your energy body, you have a better, higher quality of vibration.

COVID19 is of lower vibrationTherefore, if you have a higher quality of vibration, a bright and clean energy body, the virus will be automatically repelled.  It won’t vibe with you!

On a wider scale, if more people will practice the Meditation on Twin Hearts especially if simultaneously, more Divine energy will pour down on Mother Earth. We will be able to help raise the vibrations of Mother Earth and eventually naturally repel and dispel the Corona Virus!

The corona virus has caused a lot of negative emotions to surface out in humans, like fear, worry, anxiety and depression. Collectively, these emotions become one big negative energy hovering over our environment and could potentially infect also other people. In his Sutra Beyond the Mind, the Golden Lotus sutra on Meditation, Master Choa Kok Sui further explained how we can be cleansed from these negative emotions:

“Cleansing received from the downpouring of spiritual energy when practicing Meditation on Twin Hearts occurs in three ways:

  1. Cleansing of your own negative thoughts and emotions.
  2. Cleansing from the negative thoughts and emotions of other people coming to you.
  3. Cleansing from the contamination received by living in large cities.  The city has its own aura which to a certain degree, is dirty.  By living within the city, one’s aura also gets contaminated.”

“Through the practice of Meditation on Twin Hearts, your internal condition is transformed.  When you do Meditation on Twin Hearts, you become a “spiritual conductor”.  Your body will become filled with light, hope and strength.  When doing Twin Hearts Meditation, Divine energy radiates throughout your aura.  Unwholesome emotions and thoughts are expelled and your mind becomes calm and peaceful.”

“When done regularly, Meditation on Twin Hearts will give you a better physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health…When practiced by a large number of people [it] can also miraculously heal the entire earth, thereby making the earth more harmonious and peaceful.”

Join the Institute for Inner Studies on an online group meditation—intended for healing and divine protection against the COVID-19 pandemic at or contact for group meditation schedules.

A Guru-Disciple Relationship

March 11, 2020 Leave a comment

One time, a disciple asked his guru: “what is the difference between human love and the love of the guru to his disciple?”

The guru in one of his most loving and caring moments looked at him and answered: “the love of a human being is finite, limited and is tested by time . Often it is a one lifetime affair and its duration is marked by the fruition of much negative karma. Their little joys are punctuated by many forms of personal sufferings.

Do you understand what I’m saying?” he asked.

“The love of a guru is love not ended by time. It is deathless and timeless.

The death of the body is a sojourn between incarnations for you to come together again and again through many incarnations to train and to strengthen the bond of endless love and spirituality between the two of you.

Sometimes the disciple leaves the body early. Sometimes it is the Master who leaves the physical incarnation earlier.

If the guru-discipleship is true and bonded by soul love, the leaving is marked by rememberance.

This is something you have to remember:

If your love is true for me – support and continue the seeds I have planted….. .”


Remembering Master Choa Kok Sui on his 13th spiritual liberation anniversary on March 19.

Let us continue to support his Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga Mission. Let us invite more people to the path.

For schedule of Pranic Healing seminars, please contact :

Pranic Healing Foundation of the Philippines

  • +63917.8527434
  • Email:

On Love and Loving Kindness

February 14, 2020 Leave a comment
Quotes from MCKS Golden Lotus Sutras
-Compassionate Objectivity
-Experiencing Being
Institute for Inner Studies Publishing Foundation Inc.
“It is love that heals.”– MCKS
Happy Valentine's Day!  Let us ponder on the 
following quotes of MCKS from his 
Golden Lotus Sutras.

On Love

MCKS Experiencing Being, The Golden Lotus Sutras on Love

“Real love makes a person see things clearly and accurately.”

“As a “Being of Divine Love” your words must be kind and gentle and not injurious. When an infant dirties its diaper, you do not scream at the baby – likewise with a young immature soul in a big body.”

Love is the food that will make your soul grow. By loving deeply, you may become one with your beloved and one with all.”

“Project Loving-kindness to your partner and the person will bloom.”

“In marriage, you love a lot and forgive a lot. Love is the lubricant.”

‘What is the quality of your relationship? What kind of energy have you sent to your partner? By what comes out of your mouth, you will know the status of your relationship.”

On Loving-kindness

MCKS Compassionate Objectivity, The Golden Lotus Sutra on Character Building

“Practice Loving-kindness to people and to other beings.”

“If the heart chakra is not developed, the Crown chakra cannot be developed.”

“To be smart is good, but you must also have a good heart. Practice tolerance, patience, and kindness in thought speech and action.”

“Power without loving-kindness manifests as cruelty; Power without intelligence manifests as stupidity.”

“Generate one good thought a day about a person you do not like. When you have love, you see people like children; they cannot help themselves, so you feel more compassion.”

“Loving energy is real! It can be used to neutralize antagonistic energy. the antidote for cruelty is loving-kindness and non-injury. Without love, there is only criticism, hated and anger.”

“Love has to be under the control of the will- guided by wisdom and intelligence.”

“Do not wallow in bitterness and resentment. You get healed by love. IT IS LOVE THAT HEALS.

Get your copy of MCKS Golden Lotus Sutras

  • MCKS Compassionate Objectivity, The Golden Lotus Sutra on Character Building
  • MCKS Experiencing Being, The Golden Lotus Sutra on Life
Contact the Institute for  Inner Studies  or
The World Pranic Healing Foundation
+632.8635.9732  |  Email:


The Development of Pranic Crystal Healing

February 7, 2020 Leave a comment

-Master Choa Kok Sui The Origin of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga Copyright Institute for Inner Studies Publishing Foundation

MCKS Pranic Crystal Healing

Pranic Crystal Healing was developed through many years of experimentation and through clairvoyant observations. The concepts, principles and techniques of Pranic Crystal Healing were formulated and developed by MCKS.

Pranic Crystal Healing was developed to reduce the degree of contamination from diseased energy when healing using the hands. Also, to enable the Pranic Healer to instantly increase their healing power by utilizing the properties of crystals.


A crystal is a subtle energy condenser. This means that it can absorb, store, project and focus subtle energies. In a certain sense, it is just like a rechargeable battery that can absorb, store and release electrical energy. Likewise, a crystal can absorb, store, project and focus pranic energy.

People and animals have consciousness and willpower. This is the reason why they may or may not follow your instructions. If you tell them to do something, they can resist. You can command an animal to do something but in some cases the animal will not obey you because it has willpower. Even plants have consciousness. They have also willpower but to a lesser degree.

As stated previously, crystal do not have willpower. Therefore, they will follow anything you want them to do. When programming a crystal, do not give too much instructions or ask it to do complicated things.

Master Choa Kok Sui has published at least 2 books that contain wide topic about crystals. Get A copy of the books now to know more about crystals:

  1. MCKS The Origin of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga
  2. MCKS Pranic Crystal Healing
Contact the Institute for Inner Studies Publishing Foundation Inc. 
or the World Pranic Healing Foundation Inc.


Know more about crystal and their healing properties. Learn techniques in processing and utilizing a crystal for healing.

  • How to cleanse a crystal
  • How to charge or put energy into the crystal
  • How to program it
  • How to stabilize absorbed energy
  • Plus other topics
  • WPHF Office 2210 Medical Plaza Ortigas San Miguel Avenue Pasig City
  • Instructor: Master Faith Sawey

Please check schedules at or email

For healing appointment, please contact +63917.852.7434

“Transcending Spiritual Emptiness”

November 19, 2019 Leave a comment

by: Robie Punsalan

(Robie is a Pranic Healer, Arhatic Yogi, student and practitioner of esoteric arts.)

Transcending means passing or going over boundaries or limits. What is spiritual emptiness? It could mean challenges, feeling nothing, manifestation of a broken ego, rock bottom.

Robie reached rock bottom in his life when he went through 3 years of darkness. Since 2012, he has been studying a lot of esoteric arts with no guidance. He says it was like a spiritual journey fast forward. It was a horrible experience that his family and friends worried about him. Robie did not like the fact that he was causing emotional pain & hardship to everyone around him.

He said that spiritual emptiness isn’t really a bad thing. It’s part of the learning process. It’s something we can use to become better people and it’s all in service to the Supreme Being.


– accepting that spiritual emptiness is a part of life
– trial given by God which will ultimately make us grow
– a product of karmic debt
– process that almost everyone goes through

Transcending spiritual emptiness is giving meaning to everything that happens in our life. Accept that we cannot change the situation. Learn and grow from it. Anything that doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

Robie always tries to look into the future when he does something. He tries to be a model that everyone else can follow. Do the right thing and everything else will follow.

Introspection is looking within yourself, contemplating on the details of a situation or your life. By doing introspection, you will be able to connect and learn.
– Recognize the problem. Looking within and identifying the root cause of the problem is a step towards enlightenment. Enlightenment means growth, learning, understanding, evolution. Knowing gives purpose to the emptiness, it’s a space for growth and evolution.

Character building is having a concrete self to serve as an example for others to follow. Robie used to be so depressed before and he would tell people about his problems. He learned that we grow through conflict, our hardships and everything that happens in our life. We begin to feel the bliss and show compassion to others when we find meaning and purpose to what happens in our life. We begin to look at everything with a positive mindset. Robie realized that he can’t take care of others if he doesn’t take care of himself. He has been trying to apply all the virtues taught by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

– fill the emptiness with Love, Light & Power
– turn weaknesses into strengths
– know that every time you get back up you are stronger
– giving purpose & meaning to everything we go through
– doing all of the above in service to the Supreme Being

2015 was the start of Robie’s healing process. He used to be so depressed and anxious. Then he realized that he has all the free time to do the things he wants to do. He started going back to school. His best friend recommended Pranic Healing to him. Andrey, one of the Pranic healers, healed his depression and anxiety. Robie took the classes. He realized that the legacy he wants to leave behind is heaven on earth.

Growth is never stagnant. Everything that we go through is given to us with meaning and purpose. When we see that, we are rewarded. Evolution is making our mistakes into answers. It is through our mistakes that we grow the most.