“This for me is a miracle. My wife is now free from allergies. Being with Pranic Healing and practicing what it teaches has brought me greater spirituality.”

jgt2Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan
 Medical Doctor

A few hours after martial arts club training, I felt a sore throat developing, as the art required strong, deep shouts. Intuitively, after some normal rest, I started to do pranic self-healing, just before my major meal for the day, as I believe prana can be better absorbed if one is “lighter”. I repeated the healing a little later after eating. I felt the soreness gradually disappearing within hours—when I was eating it pretty much disappeared, and I even ate ice cream. I did more healing before sleeping, just to make sure. The next day, there were hardly any traces of it.

Elven Lim
Raw Food Chef

Pranic Healing empowers me to create days as I imagine them to be in line with God’s will; to co-create a hearth of peace for troubled souls. In my case, a troubled gastrointestinal tract which did not allow regular food passage was revitalized—and so was I—after dedicated help from Pranic Healers. The powerful systematic techniques taught in the school makes paying forward within reach. It allows me to flow in the cycle of giving and receiving, of creative transformation. It is a way of life.


Dr. Dawani de Leon
Medical Doctor and Artist


Pranic healing is a way of life and a holistic healing modality that every single person should be aware of. At first I just wanted to experience the healing for myself then realized that such a gift must be shared to all mankind so I decided to learn more. It has changed me deeply and has really solidified my faith in God, in myself, and others. The way I deal with things now is with much awareness and gentleness.


Czarina Platon

Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga helped me develop love for so many things: the love for God, the love for His creations including humankind, and the love for the self. And it is the Love aspect which helps me as a pranic healer to continue being a servant and a channel for God’s healing Light, healing Love, and healing Power. I realized that I would not be able to do many great things if it weren’t for God’s loving divine energy.

Andy Cuevas
PH Trainer

Pranic healing is a holistic approach of healing. All aspects of being get healed. It is a balanced way to live with purpose and meaning. I continue to learn pranic healing because I want to be of help and be a channel of healing.

JM Acosta
Realtor and Naturopathic Practitioner

Pranic Healing came into my life at a time when I was searching for answers to questions like “Who am I? What is my purpose in life? What am I supposed to do in this lifetime?” And somehow, I discovered that all my questions were being answered while I was learning Pranic Healing. I have learned so much about myself and about life. Pranic healing has truly changed my life. Thank you, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui!

rani 2
Dr. Christianne Cabanos
Medical Doctor

Pranic healing has transformed me in many ways and allowed me to rise from various challenges. When the side effects of 3 years of chemotherapy manifested as asthma and three short hospital confinements due to pneumonia, recovery was always quick and smooth with pranic healing. Migraines since 2000 are now very seldom experienced. While in Bangkok, I received distant pranic healing from Manila, which instantaneously and miraculously healed my allergy, asthma, and fever. And, as a Pranic healer, I helped bring down the high blood pressure of a hotel musician from over 180/120 to just 140/100 in less than 30 minutes after medication was taken. Normally medication alone would not have this effect in such a short time. I have had success in similar cases which confirmed to me the value of learning pranic healing.

Angeli Yatco
F&B Director, Century Park Hotel
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