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Finding Beauty in Every Pain

June 6, 2021 Leave a comment

Pranic healing teachings and spiritual technology of Master Choa Kok Sui has transformed the life of a person who was stuck and encaged in unnecessary life challenges due to health crisis for 22 years.

Watch how Lyn Balbin, who was once a patient, now a Pranic Healer, navigated her life using these teachings to overcome the crises and emerged as a healthy and successful individual.

Full Moon of Aries Meditation

March 28, 2021 Leave a comment


March 29, 2021, Monday

7:30pm Philippine Time

Zoom Link:

Facilitated by:

Master Faith and Master Hermie



It is one of the 3 major spiritual festivals.

According to Alice Bailey there are three major spiritual festivals which form the high point in the annual cycle. These are the:

1.Festival of Easter (at the Aries full moon),

2.The Festival of Wesak (at the Taurus full moon),

3.The Festival of Goodwill (at the Gemini full moon)


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Celebrating Life and Legacy of MCKS

March 17, 2021 Leave a comment

Join us in celebrating the


of our beloved teacher


March 19, 2021

7:30pm Philippine Time

Zoom Link:

Zoom Meeting ID: 818 6339 3935


Meditation for Global Healing to Address Corona Virus Crisis

April 7, 2020 Leave a comment

On behalf of the World Pranic Healing Foundation, along with Acharya Hermie, Acharya Danny, and Acharya Faith, we wish you and your family good health in this time of crisis. We extend our support and prayer to each and every one of you as we gather together and help each other these trying times.

This pandemic has caused large amounts of negative emotions which include fears, worries, and anxieties in the society. It would be a great opportunity to help our society by utilizing all of the teachings of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. Let us all be an effective channel of blessings and healing through meditations.

As a sign of our solidarity, there will be a group meditation which will be guided by the eight Acharyas. We encourage you to participate and present your best efforts to connect with everyone. Your contribution in the facilitation of this Aries Full Moon group meditation will be greatly appreciated. Kindly disseminate in your areas.

April 8 – 10am to 11:30am Philippine Standard Time  (Please adjust to your local time)

Please see the attached flier for your reference and dissemination. 

With Love and Blessings,

Master Hermie, Master Danny and Master Faith

MCKS in the Eyes of a Student

March 18, 2020 Leave a comment

He was born into a rich family. He need not have to strive very hard, and yet early in his youth he kept his faith to a longing that someday, he will touch many lives and fulfill their hidden longings, that they can be greater than themselves, greater than their lives. That someday he will have to seek for them in many climes and places.

He will have to travel. This, his early mentors have predicted. He will be a teacher of a longing and he will cross the length and breadth of many lands to share.

Thus, early in his life, he had studied to prepare. Though he could have been an ordinary child who played with toys, instead…..

He walked towards the hearts of his mentors so that he can prepare himself to fulfill the longings of his future friends, students and disciples.

He could have played with sands on the beach and fiddled with wooden toys.

He did little of that. Instead…..

He touched the books and searched in them the wisdom of the old. He mined the ancient teachings for the nuggets of the spirit that he may learn to touch the hidden wisdom of life.

Instead of games on the streets and walks along the beaches with his childhood friends, he sat and waited under his tutors that he may learn the nature of energy that in the future he may learn to touch other souls.

He learned to heal early.

As he grew older, he kept at it. His readings became deeper. He sat and meditated. He prayed and invoked. He hoped and beseeched the Lord. He implored his Inner Teacher to train him deeper. He read more and experimented. He persevered and meditated more.

The Lord has blessed him with prosperity and talent in business. He could have chased after money. He could have stayed at home and kept to the company of his woman and the children she bore. But he did not. Instead he made his body the cauldron of his hidden alchemy.

He studied alchemy and how it transforms life ordinary into greatness. He made the fire in him burn until it was aflame. He was a moth willing to burn in order to master the fire of Kundalini. He could have chosen to become an ordinary man.

But, he wanted to prepare, that when he sees his students, he could share with them the promise he made long before they were born, when time has not moved, when they were together in one light, that he will bring them to the Greater Light.

So that our hands, like his, will bring life and joy to others. Our touch will take away pains and sufferings, just as his touch does. That we can lift others like the way he lifted others towards the love of the One.

Our light will take away darkness, just as his light has taken away darkness which has enveloped us before that we may become special in the eyes of many and a leader of men and women wherever we may be.

For we would have realized then:
We are all sons and daughters of the Most High.

A Guru-Disciple Relationship

March 11, 2020 Leave a comment

One time, a disciple asked his guru: “what is the difference between human love and the love of the guru to his disciple?”

The guru in one of his most loving and caring moments looked at him and answered: “the love of a human being is finite, limited and is tested by time . Often it is a one lifetime affair and its duration is marked by the fruition of much negative karma. Their little joys are punctuated by many forms of personal sufferings.

Do you understand what I’m saying?” he asked.

“The love of a guru is love not ended by time. It is deathless and timeless.

The death of the body is a sojourn between incarnations for you to come together again and again through many incarnations to train and to strengthen the bond of endless love and spirituality between the two of you.

Sometimes the disciple leaves the body early. Sometimes it is the Master who leaves the physical incarnation earlier.

If the guru-discipleship is true and bonded by soul love, the leaving is marked by rememberance.

This is something you have to remember:

If your love is true for me – support and continue the seeds I have planted….. .”


Remembering Master Choa Kok Sui on his 13th spiritual liberation anniversary on March 19.

Let us continue to support his Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga Mission. Let us invite more people to the path.

For schedule of Pranic Healing seminars, please contact :

Pranic Healing Foundation of the Philippines

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Two Principles of Pranic Healing

February 27, 2020 Leave a comment

Prana or subtle energy catalyzes the chemical reaction in the body thereby accelerating the healing process. – MCKS

Pranic Healing is based on two principles. These two principles are extremely basic but they have been neglected or forgotten.

The first principle is the Principle of Self Recovery. It means that the body is actually capable of healing itself in general. If a person has a wound, a burn, a broken bone or viral infection** or bacterial infection** even without medical treatment or Pranic Healing, the person will get well. So in other words, the body in general is capable of repairing itself.

Principle of Life Force

It means for life to exist, there must be prana, chi, ruah. So for life to exist, there must be vital energy. Healing process is accelerated by increasing the pranic energy level on the affected part and the whole body.

We know that light can affect chemical reaction. That’s the principle behind photography. We also know that electricity can affect chemical reaction. That’s the principle behind electrolysis.

If a person has broken bones, some doctors use ___electricity to accelerate the healing process.

Prana or subtle energy catalyzes the chemical reactions in the body thereby accelerating the healing process. Within two days time, you will be able to prove this statement based on you personal experiments and based on your personal experience.

During this two-day healing workshop, you are not required to believe or disbelieve in anything. What is required of you is to understand the teachings, to do lots of experiments based on research and experience.

You make your own conclusion.

**Due to current advances in the field of medicine, there are now
 several effective anti-viral/bacterial medicines in the market.
MCKS Basic Pranic Healing Course
Copyright Institute for Inner Studies, Inc.
Listen to Master Choa Kok Sui

Enrol in the MCKS BASIC PRANIC HEALING COURSE and learn how to heal, enhance your health, protect yourself from diseases (especially now because of the COVID 19) and understand how energy healing works and why it works wonders!

For healing appointment, please contact +63917.852.7434

Also Available:

MCKS Miracles Through Pranic Healing book

**Book is packaged in the Basic Pranic Healing Course.

Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer

February 21, 2020 Leave a comment
A System for Spiritual Development
-Master Choa Kok Sui

This Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer, Universal and Kabbalistic versions, is a system for spiritual development which uses the energy centers of the body. These energy centers are called chakras by the yogis and sephiroth (plural for sephirah) by the kabbalists. Through the practice of this meditation the chakra or energy centers are cleansed, energized, and activated.

Some other versions of the meditation on the Lord’s Prayer use seven chakras. This system (MCKS system) uses eleven chakras. It is important to remember that truth is dynamic, not static. In ancient times people believed that there were only five planets plus the sun and the moon and from these came the names of the seven days of the week. But that was many, many year ago. With the discovery of modern science, we now know that there are at least eight planets, plus the sun and the moon. Similarly, in the kabbalistic tree of life, there are ten sephiroth plus one hidden sephirah, which makes a total of eleven centers.

Moreover, the real locations of the eleven sephiroth or chakras had never been publicly revealed before.

MCKS Universal and Kabbalistic Chakra Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer
Copyright Institute for Inner Studies Publishing Foundation, Inc.

It is only in Master Choa Kok Sui’s books and courses that the existence and real locations of the eleven chakras have been revealed

Master Choa Kok Sui presents The Lord’s Prayer beyond its traditional perspective and as a system for spiritual development synthesizing three spiritual concepts: the biblical Lord’s Prayer, The Kabbalistic Tree of Life and the yogic concept of chakras or vortices of spiritual energy.

MCKS  Universal and Kabbalistic Meditation on the Lord's Prayer Book

MCKS Universal and Kabbalistic Chakra Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer Book

Available at the Institute for Inner Studies Publishing Foundation Inc. or the World Pranic Healing Foundation Inc.

Join our Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer Course on

March 29, 2020


+632.8635.9732 | 63917.852.7434

Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer CD

The Universal and Kabbalistic Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer is guided by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. This meditation correlates the eleven energy centers on the subtle body of a person to the phrases of the Lord’s Prayer. In doing the meditation, these energy centers are cleansed, energized and activated.

Available at the Institute for Inner Studies Publishing Foundation Inc. or the World Pranic Healing Foundation Inc.

On Love and Loving Kindness

February 14, 2020 Leave a comment
Quotes from MCKS Golden Lotus Sutras
-Compassionate Objectivity
-Experiencing Being
Institute for Inner Studies Publishing Foundation Inc.
“It is love that heals.”– MCKS
Happy Valentine's Day!  Let us ponder on the 
following quotes of MCKS from his 
Golden Lotus Sutras.

On Love

MCKS Experiencing Being, The Golden Lotus Sutras on Love

“Real love makes a person see things clearly and accurately.”

“As a “Being of Divine Love” your words must be kind and gentle and not injurious. When an infant dirties its diaper, you do not scream at the baby – likewise with a young immature soul in a big body.”

Love is the food that will make your soul grow. By loving deeply, you may become one with your beloved and one with all.”

“Project Loving-kindness to your partner and the person will bloom.”

“In marriage, you love a lot and forgive a lot. Love is the lubricant.”

‘What is the quality of your relationship? What kind of energy have you sent to your partner? By what comes out of your mouth, you will know the status of your relationship.”

On Loving-kindness

MCKS Compassionate Objectivity, The Golden Lotus Sutra on Character Building

“Practice Loving-kindness to people and to other beings.”

“If the heart chakra is not developed, the Crown chakra cannot be developed.”

“To be smart is good, but you must also have a good heart. Practice tolerance, patience, and kindness in thought speech and action.”

“Power without loving-kindness manifests as cruelty; Power without intelligence manifests as stupidity.”

“Generate one good thought a day about a person you do not like. When you have love, you see people like children; they cannot help themselves, so you feel more compassion.”

“Loving energy is real! It can be used to neutralize antagonistic energy. the antidote for cruelty is loving-kindness and non-injury. Without love, there is only criticism, hated and anger.”

“Love has to be under the control of the will- guided by wisdom and intelligence.”

“Do not wallow in bitterness and resentment. You get healed by love. IT IS LOVE THAT HEALS.

Get your copy of MCKS Golden Lotus Sutras

  • MCKS Compassionate Objectivity, The Golden Lotus Sutra on Character Building
  • MCKS Experiencing Being, The Golden Lotus Sutra on Life
Contact the Institute for  Inner Studies  or
The World Pranic Healing Foundation
+632.8635.9732  |  Email:

The Development of Pranic Crystal Healing

February 7, 2020 Leave a comment

-Master Choa Kok Sui The Origin of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga Copyright Institute for Inner Studies Publishing Foundation

MCKS Pranic Crystal Healing

Pranic Crystal Healing was developed through many years of experimentation and through clairvoyant observations. The concepts, principles and techniques of Pranic Crystal Healing were formulated and developed by MCKS.

Pranic Crystal Healing was developed to reduce the degree of contamination from diseased energy when healing using the hands. Also, to enable the Pranic Healer to instantly increase their healing power by utilizing the properties of crystals.


A crystal is a subtle energy condenser. This means that it can absorb, store, project and focus subtle energies. In a certain sense, it is just like a rechargeable battery that can absorb, store and release electrical energy. Likewise, a crystal can absorb, store, project and focus pranic energy.

People and animals have consciousness and willpower. This is the reason why they may or may not follow your instructions. If you tell them to do something, they can resist. You can command an animal to do something but in some cases the animal will not obey you because it has willpower. Even plants have consciousness. They have also willpower but to a lesser degree.

As stated previously, crystal do not have willpower. Therefore, they will follow anything you want them to do. When programming a crystal, do not give too much instructions or ask it to do complicated things.

Master Choa Kok Sui has published at least 2 books that contain wide topic about crystals. Get A copy of the books now to know more about crystals:

  1. MCKS The Origin of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga
  2. MCKS Pranic Crystal Healing
Contact the Institute for Inner Studies Publishing Foundation Inc. 
or the World Pranic Healing Foundation Inc.


Know more about crystal and their healing properties. Learn techniques in processing and utilizing a crystal for healing.

  • How to cleanse a crystal
  • How to charge or put energy into the crystal
  • How to program it
  • How to stabilize absorbed energy
  • Plus other topics
  • March 15, 2020 – WPHF Office 2210 Medical Plaza Ortigas San Miguel Avenue Pasig City
  • Instructor: Master Faith Sawey

Please check schedules at or email For healing appointment, please contact +63917.852.7434

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