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Two Principles of Pranic Healing

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Prana or subtle energy catalyzes the chemical reaction in the body thereby accelerating the healing process. – MCKS

Pranic Healing is based on two principles. These two principles are extremely basic but they have been neglected or forgotten.

The first principle is the Principle of Self Recovery. It means that the body is actually capable of healing itself in general. If a person has a wound, a burn, a broken bone or viral infection** or bacterial infection** even without medical treatment or Pranic Healing, the person will get well. So in other words, the body in general is capable of repairing itself.

Principle of Life Force

It means for life to exist, there must be prana, chi, ruah. So for life to exist, there must be vital energy. Healing process is accelerated by increasing the pranic energy level on the affected part and the whole body.

We know that light can affect chemical reaction. That’s the principle behind photography. We also know that electricity can affect chemical reaction. That’s the principle behind electrolysis.

If a person has broken bones, some doctors use ___electricity to accelerate the healing process.

Prana or subtle energy catalyzes the chemical reactions in the body thereby accelerating the healing process. Within two days time, you will be able to prove this statement based on you personal experiments and based on your personal experience.

During this two-day healing workshop, you are not required to believe or disbelieve in anything. What is required of you is to understand the teachings, to do lots of experiments based on research and experience.

You make your own conclusion.

**Due to current advances in the field of medicine, there are now
 several effective anti-viral/bacterial medicines in the market.
MCKS Basic Pranic Healing Course
Copyright Institute for Inner Studies, Inc.
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Enrol in the MCKS BASIC PRANIC HEALING COURSE and learn how to heal, enhance your health, protect yourself from diseases (especially now because of the COVID 19) and understand how energy healing works and why it works wonders!

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Also Available:

MCKS Miracles Through Pranic Healing book

**Book is packaged in the Basic Pranic Healing Course.

Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer

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A System for Spiritual Development
-Master Choa Kok Sui

This Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer, Universal and Kabbalistic versions, is a system for spiritual development which uses the energy centers of the body. These energy centers are called chakras by the yogis and sephiroth (plural for sephirah) by the kabbalists. Through the practice of this meditation the chakra or energy centers are cleansed, energized, and activated.

Some other versions of the meditation on the Lord’s Prayer use seven chakras. This system (MCKS system) uses eleven chakras. It is important to remember that truth is dynamic, not static. In ancient times people believed that there were only five planets plus the sun and the moon and from these came the names of the seven days of the week. But that was many, many year ago. With the discovery of modern science, we now know that there are at least eight planets, plus the sun and the moon. Similarly, in the kabbalistic tree of life, there are ten sephiroth plus one hidden sephirah, which makes a total of eleven centers.

Moreover, the real locations of the eleven sephiroth or chakras had never been publicly revealed before.

MCKS Universal and Kabbalistic Chakra Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer
Copyright Institute for Inner Studies Publishing Foundation, Inc.

It is only in Master Choa Kok Sui’s books and courses that the existence and real locations of the eleven chakras have been revealed

Master Choa Kok Sui presents The Lord’s Prayer beyond its traditional perspective and as a system for spiritual development synthesizing three spiritual concepts: the biblical Lord’s Prayer, The Kabbalistic Tree of Life and the yogic concept of chakras or vortices of spiritual energy.

MCKS  Universal and Kabbalistic Meditation on the Lord's Prayer Book

MCKS Universal and Kabbalistic Chakra Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer Book

Available at the Institute for Inner Studies Publishing Foundation Inc. or the World Pranic Healing Foundation Inc.

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March 29, 2020


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Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer CD

The Universal and Kabbalistic Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer is guided by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. This meditation correlates the eleven energy centers on the subtle body of a person to the phrases of the Lord’s Prayer. In doing the meditation, these energy centers are cleansed, energized and activated.

Available at the Institute for Inner Studies Publishing Foundation Inc. or the World Pranic Healing Foundation Inc.

Negative Elementals

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Excerpt from Master Choa Kok Sui 
The Origin of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga book
Copyright Institute for Inner Studies

“There are some beings that exist only with energy bodies whose consciousness is not substantially developed. These beings are called elementals and are encountered most often in people with psychological disorders. They are energy parasites and they depend on negative energy for sustenance. The chakras of a psychotic person may contain many negative elementals. To heal the person, the negative elementals have to be removed and disintegrated.”

Master Choa Kok Sui has published at least 3 books that contain wide topic about negative elementals. Get A copy of the books now to know more about negative elementals:

  1. MCKS The Origin of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga
  2. MCKS Practical Psychic Self Defense for Home and Office
  3. MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy
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Thought Entities

January 27, 2020 1 comment

-Master Choa Kok Sui The Origin of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga Pg.144

Entity of Love


Thinking and feeling produce energy beings which are called thought forms or emotional thought entities or thought entities for short. Calling them thought entities is more accurate because they are living beings. These thoughts and feelings are real and could affect and influence you and other people positively or negatively. When you think of something, you are producing a thought entity. If you think a positive thought , the thought will have a positive effect on you. Thinking negatively will naturally produce a negative effect.

When a person has had a traumatic experience, the traumatic energies produced are lodged in several chakras or energy centers which may, in the long run, manifest as stress or phobia. These traumatic energies have certain degrees of consciousness and are called traumatic thought entities. A phobia is nothing more than a traumatic fear energy or phobia thought entities that are lodged in a certain chakras or chakras of the patient.

Once the phobia thought entities or the fear energies are partially or completely removed from the chakras by a Pranic Healer, the patient will feel a definite improvement.

A traumatic experience may produce repeated thoughts of fear, poor self-esteem, insecurity, futility, and /or indifference. Thinking and feeling negatively for a long period of time will produce negative thought entities with strong inhibiting effects, manifesting as severe depression.

The phobia thought entities are located in the congested areas of the solar plexus, throat and crown chakras. Obsession and compulsion are also due to powerful thought entities lodged in the solar plexus, throat and crown chakras.


To hasten the healing process, it is important to instruct the patient to maintain a positive attitude –to think, feel and act positively. Daily positive affirmation is very useful. The healer should create a positive image of the patient, and encourage him to create and maintain a positive self-image or a positive image of what can be through daily positive self-affirmation or positive visualization.

– Master Choa Kok Sui The Origin of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga Pg.144 [Copyright Institute for Inner Studies]

Master Choa Kok Sui has published at least 3 books that contain a wide topic about thought entities. Get A copy of the books now to know more about thought entitites:

  1. MCKS The Origin of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga
  2. MCKS Practical Psychic Self Defense for Home and Office
  3. MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy

Contact the Institute for Inner Studies Publishing Foundation Inc. or the World Pranic Healing Foundation Inc.

Courses are also being offered. Please check schedules at or email

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Pranic Psychotherapy Course – February 15-16, 2020 with Master Faith Sawey | Venue: World Pranic Healing Foundation, Pasig City Philippines

Up coming …….Negative Elementals

Law of Karma, Karmic Repercussions and Neutralizing Negative Karma

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-Master Choa Kok Sui


The Bible states that what a person sows, a person reaps. This statement sums up what is know as the Law of Karma. If you plant a grain of rice, you will have a plentiful harvest of rice. If you do good intentionally, you will also receive goodness many times in return. In the same manner, when you deliberately do something bad, it will come back to you many times.

Because of the implications of of the Law of Karma, principles and techniques dealing with the science of psychic self defense should be used only for a good purpose.


What are the negative karmic consequences of misusing power? To understand what will be reaped, let us learn first what is being sown.

What can happen when a black magician physically attacks someone? The victim may suffer from mental anguish or may become emotionally imbalanced, depending on the severity of the psychic attack. If the target is physically harmed, he may get sick or, in severe cases, even die. When he gets sick, will he be able to work? No. Since he cannot work, he becomes financially adversely affected. Will it also create emotional problems for the family members? Yes.

The karmic effects of black magic are misfortune, poor health, sickness, poverty and insanity.

Psychically dominating and mentally enslaving others have severe karmic repercussions. Have you encountered people who are crazy? Some of them are physically tortured and possessed by negative elementals. The karmic consequence of repeatedly misusing this inner science results in madness or elemental possession. Mentally enslaving others may manifest as senility or idiocy.

Another effect of misusing power is having a severe physical ailment. In serious cases, it may manifest as prolonged paralysis.

Karmic repercussions may manifest as financial losses. The extent of the financial loss depends upon the kind of seed that has been sown. This could result in financial difficulties of bankruptcy that could last for several years.

The degree of the karmic consequences of misusing power to harm others depends upon to whom the negative energy is being directed. The more spiritually developed the victim is, the heavier the karmic repercussion.

There are many times when one unintentionally sends negative energy to others our of anger. A person may go into emotional outburst but realizes later on that he has made a mistake; he then apologizes. To physically compensate he sends blessings to the unintended victim. In such situation, the karmic repercussion is minimal.

To suffer severe, adverse karmic backlash, the misuse of power has to be done intentionally and repeatedly. the negative karmic effect is very heavy. IT IS BETTER NOT TO MISUSE ESOTERIC TEACHINGS. It is wiser to practice loving-kindness and non-injury and us the teachings for the betterment of all.


Can you neutralize the negative effects of a wrongdoing? If it is done unintentionally and without malice, then it can be neutralized. How do you do this? By using the Law of Forgiveness and Law of Mercy. Forgiving others who have wronged you is an opportunity for you to balance your karmic debts.

If you forgive others, you will also be forgiven. You can ask God to forgive you. The Law of Mercy can also be used to neutralize negative karma. Practicing tithing is another way of helping people. It is in giving that we receive. By showing mercy, you will also be entitle to mercy. Being charitable, helpful, non-vindictive and practicing tithing are manifestations of mercy and kindness.

MCKS Practical Psychic Self Defense for Home and Office-

Copyright Institute for Inner Studies Publishing Foundation

Master Choa Kok Sui has published at least 3 books that contain wide topic about karma. Get A copy of the books now to know more about crystals:

  1. MCKS The Origin of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga
  2. MCKS Practical Psychic Self Defense for Home and Office
  3. MCKS Miracles Through Pranic Healing
Contact the Institute for Inner Studies Publishing Foundation Inc. 
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MCKS Psychic Self Defense Course

  • April 18, 2020 – WPHF Office 2210 Medical Plaza Ortigas San Miguel Avenue Pasig City
  • Instructor: Master Faith Sawey

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2020 Schedule of Arhatic Yoga Retreat and Special Events

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Atma Namaste.
Greetings of light and peace!
The Pranic Healing Foundation of the Philippines is organizing Arhatic Yoga Retreat and special courses in October 2020.  We will  update you later  the registration fees once we have the final agreement with the hotel

Please see below the schedule:


  • October 16-18, 2020 – Arhatic Yoga General Retreat
  • October 19, 2020     – Arhatic Yoga Level 1 & 2 
  • October 20, 2020 – Arhatic Yoga Level 3 (For New and review)


  • October 19——  Pranic Fengshui ( New or review) 
  • October 20 ——-Pranic Crystal Healing ( New or review)


  • October 21— Spiritual Triumph w/ Angelic Realm ( S.T.A.R.)**
  • October 22-25— Applied Spiritual Technology ( A. S. T ) ****

(Disclaimer:  This course is not  MCKS’ course.  It is designed by Master Faith as an enrichment program to help the students ground the teachings to help address   the issues of the society with a personal touch and a global impact )


AST: Pranic Crystal Healer & Arhatic Yoga diligent practitioner

Must attend Arhatic Yoga Retreat


A) HEALTH MANAGEMENT: –Formula for Miraculous Healing of Karmically caused Ailments.-Heal a couple to prepare for  a Wholesome Baby with a mature Soul-Heal severe Psychosomatic ailments such as autism, bipolarity & insanity.
B) RELATIONSHIP  MANAGEMENT:- Healing & strengthening wholesome family through generational Healing- Holistic Management for a Wholesome Living ( organization / congregation)- Mass Healing of brokenness & emptiness  in rehabilitation Centers 
C) FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT– Healing & Consecrating Business  Companies, Building Construction in progress- Strengthen Prosperity  magnet through visible & invisible co- workers- Heal establishments, lots , cars & old stuff from past negative history   to  restore spiritual magnetism & strengthen safety & security.
D) SPIRITUAL MANAGEMENT– Holistic Management of Spiritual disconnection or Emptiness- Consecrating water, medicines & food stuff for spiritual nourishment.- Prepare a dying person for a peaceful and dignified death 

 Being a Miracle Worker in Holistic Life Management working with the Angelic Kingdom in our Family  Profession, Business Endeavors, Building Construction, medical Procedures &  in Holistic Agriculture.

A)Holistic Family Formation for a Holy Humanity -Holistic Parental Formation to build a Holy Family -Holistic Leadership Formation starts in every Home -Balanced Family Life: Material & Spiritual Prosperity

B) Holistic Education for wholesome Formation of Professionals -Spiritual Leadership in Education to produce genuine Professionals -Integration of Spiritual Technology and Business Entrepreneurship. -Education for Self formation towards Societal Transformation

C) Holistic Agriculture for Wellness, Richness & Environmental Care-Integration of Spirituality and Agriculture for Holistic Health Care-Recognizing and employing the doctors of Nature in Agriculture-Providing a Home for Nature Spirits and perpetuating Angel’s Presence.

D) CREATIVE ACTION for HOLISTIC LIFE MANAGEMENT-IAM~ Being a Miracle Worker -Holistic Life Management through the Trinity-Lighting Lives & Spreading the Teachings through H.O.M.E service.

E) Building A Healthy Self Image through           

 – raising our level of consciousness             

– raising our level of expectancy           

 – raising our level of significance.

  F) Excel in every thing you do ( Be Number One) capitalize on :             

– Being born Unique             

– Being a born Champion           

 – Being born a product of Success

G) Letting Go & Letting God ~ Be a Person of Integrity             

– Build your Spiritual Muscles  in adversities             

– Strengthen our Vehicles in our weaknesses             

– Develop a Victor & restoration Mentality  

H.) Co- creating and Experiencing inner Healing & Transformation             through Energy awareness in every Art to bring significant results           

– Meditating  & praying           

– Speaking  & writing            

– Singing    & dancing            

– painting  & sculpturing

Accepting Your Gift Box

February 26, 2019 Leave a comment

By Nica Masilang, Pranic Healer and Arhatic Yoga Practitioner

Nica Masilang is a very successful businesswoman, a loving & caring wife, a Pranic Healer and an Arhatic Yoga Practitioner. She shared her dream of having a happy life free of illness, conflict and money problems.

Nica said that in the pursuit of dreams, however, there is this mysterious force that brings disorder, disagreement and downturn which intimidates even the best dreamers like her. In November 2016, Nica and her husband, Macky, were afflicted by dengue. Macky fell ill when Nica was so engrossed in closing a deal and preparing for back to back events. Miraculously, in 5 days, Macky was up and about working and running his business. They were both back in their daily grind.

As they were on their way to a business meeting, Nica felt a striking pain in her head and she felt that her energy was lost. She requested to go back home because she felt she was going to lose consciousness anytime soon. She had been stuck in bed with dengue then. Macky patiently monitored her.

One night, Nica had a blurry dream of going to the bathroom. In her dream, she slipped and bumped her head on the floor and struggled to get up. When she woke up the next morning, she found herself on the bed with her head resting on a pillow and with a soft blanket over her. The right side of her head felt weird, but she didn’t feel pain anywhere else in her body. She thought that it was just a dream.

That morning, her fever was gone and her temperature was back to normal. Macky thought that Nica was already okay. They went to have a blood test to be sure. Macky was trying to cheer her up and took her to the movies. When Nica went to the toilet, she felt that the right side of her head was moist. She touched it and she saw that there was blood on her hands.

She went back to her seat and didn’t say anything to her husband, but Macky urgently asked her to leave the cinema. He happened to receive a call from the clinic that Nica’s platelet count was critically very low. They went straight to the hospital. Nica had to be confined because her blood platelet was so low that the bleeding on her head was not stopping.

The dengue rash also started to appear from her feet going up to her face. It was so itchy that she could not sleep. A series of tests were done on her. They put wires on her head. She was crying of self-pity and she could see that her husband looked very tired. Is this the kind of happy life that she dreamed of? Free of illness? Certainly not.

Nica always believed that we all have a gift box inside of us where we place core memories that we use as anchors of hope. But we need to cover our physical eyes and ears to see what’s inside the gift box. In Nica’s gift box, she remembers her parents going through some hardships in life until they eventually separated. That memory triggered a deep desire inside her that in her future marriage, she will hold on and not let go amidst disorderly times. That memory of the past is what she needed in time of disorder.

Nica accepted the gift box from her past to help her discern the present. Nica said she had a happy life back then, despite the illness because she has a husband who painstakingly took care of her and had been patient with her throughout the ordeal.

In April 2017, Macky all of a sudden felt so cold under the hot summer sun. He would feel this way while inside their home, and would ask to close the aircon and electric fan despite wearing 3 layers of clothing plus a jacket. He became jittery and asked to be rushed to the hospital. He had been having rapid heart palpitations yet all the test results were normal.

They sought several conventional and alternative doctors. Later on, they found a medical doctor who trained in acupuncture in China. Macky was told that he was having an adrenal fatigue or anxiety attacks that caused his chi or energy to be unbalanced. Macky supplemented his acupuncture treatments with Chinese herbal tea medicine. This went on for months.

In October 2017, Macky found #PranicHealing. They both attended the H.O.M.E. Session and Macky found instant relief. He was so impressed that he urged Nica to take the Basic Pranic Healing so that she could heal him. Nica did not say yes right away because she was exhausted with all that they were doing. This caused a disagreement between them. Is this the kind of happy life that she dreamed of? Free of conflict?

She again took a peek at her gift box and was surprised to see the memory of how happy she was to have found and have married her very own life coach, her husband Macky. In the past, Macky guided Nica in many decisions that brought her out of her comfort zone and showed her that she can thrive in her courage zone. The memory of Macky’s guidance was what she needed during times of disagreement.

Nica accepted the gift box from her past to help her discern the present. She said that she had a happy life despite the disagreement because she has a husband who looked after her own interest even if she doesn’t know it yet. Macky and Nica reached a compromise. Macky should take the #BasicPranicHealing course instead. He applied the teachings right away and he sampled them on Nica. Macky cleansed her aura.

The week after the healing, prosperity came chasing after her. Macky slowly encouraged her to also take the Basic Pranic Healing course. Today, they take the higher courses together. One course that she found beneficial in her work life is Pranic Psychic Self-Defense. She used to have severe headache to the point that she wanted to cry because of stress after a grueling day of work. She no longer experiences this after applying the techniques of Pranic Psychic Self-Defense.

This course prevented her from being dramatic, emotional, irritable and critical of the people around her especially after a busy work day. In April 2014, Nica and her then boyfriend signed a deal for an investment property while in the middle of planning their wedding. It was their first venture together. It was an old property that they renovated and it was doing good until the rainy season came.

The property leaked every time it rained. They had to shell out more money to repair the problem. This all happened while they were having their wedding. Their finances took a downturn. Is this the kind of life that she dreamed of? Free of money problems? Two memories from her gift box flashed back at her. Memories of when her parents’ business closed down & they were left with huge debt and when her job security as an I.T. professional was threatened during the global recession in 2008. Those memories triggered a desire in her to change the way she looks at money.

Master Faith says “Do you choose to grow old to keep working for money, or strive to reach a goal of letting money work for you? It’s your choice to do something more important, ore real, more permanent and more for the Soul and not just for the body.”Nica truly understood prosperity when she took Kriyashakti, a financial course on materialization of thought forms. We may be earning a big amount of money, but if we constantly worry about not having enough, this lowers our prosperity. This results in money being drained month after month leading to no savings. In Kriyashakti we learn how to keep the prosperity energy continuously flowing. Nica said she has a happy life despite the downturn because she has opportunities to learn to manage prosperity through good times and bad times.

According to Master Choa Kok Sui, “Life is a series of attachment and de-attachment, a series of holding and releasing, of connecting and disconnecting.” Nica said we all have a gift box from childhood and we put things in it as we grow up. It can hold anything from happy, exciting, romantic to sad, angry, frustrating memories. These memories become gifts once we learn when to become attached and when to become detached, when to hold and when to release, when to connect and when to disconnect.

She shared that whenever there is a mysterious force messing with our heads, let’s cover our eyes and our ears, be accepting of our gift box and discern. Does listening to that actually help us in pursuing our dreams? Is there benefit in being open to what others are saying? Do we really need to say things that do not help us? By accepting our gift box, the things that happen to us, good or bad, we build resilience to overcome challenges to successfully achieve our life dreams.

Thank you Nica for a very inspiring talk.At Pranic Healing Foundation of the Philippines(PHFP) event: H.O.M.E.HealingOrientation on OnenessMeditationEnlightening Talk
Every Thursday at 6:00pm-9:00pm Unit 2210, Medical Plaza Ortigas, San Miguel Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig CityRSVP +63 917 852 7434
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Learning to Unlearn [Angel Masilang, Pranic Healer and Arhatic Yoga Practitioner]

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Trials develop your ability and your discernment. You become sharper, stronger and more powerful. Grand Master Choa Kok Sui
Angel Masilang is a biochemist, an entrepreneur, a loving wife, a beloved mother, a practicing Pranic Healer and Arhatic Yoga Practitioner. Angel and her family underwent health crisis in 2016 because of dengue outbreak.  She didn’t know how she survived back then.  She had to choose from taking caring of her husband, two children, daughter-in-law, her mother and her pregnant house helper.
Angel was consumed with guilt but had a strong resolve that next time she would do better.
When her son, Macky, took the Basic Pranic Healing class in 2017, he asked her if she would also like to join. She said yes because she had three things in mind.
1. to be a better daughter to her mother
2. to be a better mom to her children & better wife to her husband
3. to learn something which she can use in their business (Their family is into wellness.)
She shared that Pranic Healing gave her these 3 things and more.
Angel’s important lesson in Pranic Healing is ‘learning to unlearn‘. She had to unlearn a lot of things. She took up Biochemistry and was disciplined to think like a scientist. She had explanation for everything. She had to unlearn a few technological principles which she learned from working in food manufacturing firms. She also had to unlearn mechanism of action of the pharmaceutical drugs she handled in her 10 year experience as Product Manager. Only when she unlearned the scientific things that she kept in mind did she learn that there is energy.
Angel was very skeptical when she the enrolled in the Basic Pranic Healing class. She couldn’t see anything and this goes beyond her Physics books. When she finally learned to accept that there is such a thing as #energy, that is only the time that she began to move slowly and apply the principles of Basic, Advanced, Psychotherapy and Pranic Crystal Healing to her mother.
One time, she got a text message from the caregiver. The blood pressure of her Nanay (mother) was abnormally high (145/100). Angel asked the caregiver to monitor her Nanay’s BP and to text her every 30 minutes. Ms. Angel was confined in the four walls of their bedroom. She did the distance healing on her Nanay until such time that her BP normalized. She didn’t need to rush back to Quezon. She said that #Pranic Healing indeed works.
Last December, Ms. Angel had no choice but to go to her Nanay to rush her to hospital. Her mother was aching all over, had high body temperature and was restless. When she was discharged, she withdrew. She refused to eat and drink was just staring blankly at the television. Every week, Ms. Angel had to ask a nurse to give her an IV fluid. It was a blessing that Ms. Angel and her family attended the Pranic Feng Shui course given by Master Faith. They did some arrangements in her Nanay’s house. Things improved. Her Nanay began to eat and drink, became more stable and her BP remained normal. They also made arrangements in their house and office. The first P.O. they got from a major drugstore chain is increased by 3000%. Ms. Angel said that Pranic Feng Shui works!
The Spiritual Business Management course also helped them realize that everyone in the company has a role to play. They sent their office staff to attend the Basic Pranic Healing Seminar. It was very helpful because as an organization, their staff and family work together and they know what the mission is. Their staff are also able to do healing among their family members.
The Applied Spiritual Technology enrichment session helped Ms. Angel to enhance the therapeutic quality and efficacy of their products. They also applied the technology in their farm. The harvest of their red rice was fivefold. She said Applied Spiritual Technology works!
Before Pranic Healing, her son Macky was suffering from anxiety. They consulted mainstream doctors, alternative doctors, herbalist, acupuncturist and was led to Pranic Healing. Macky have felt better because he advised that the course will also help Angel.
After she took the Basic Pranic Healing course, she also asked her daughter Mona to join. They all took the higher courses in 2017 and early 2018. Her husband, Mar joined later. He was intrigued because there was tremendous transformation in their two children. He took the Basic course in April 2018.
Angel shared that she was 59 years old when she took the Basic Pranic Healing course. Her husband was 63 when he attended the class. She feels so blessed that in their family, no one feels young nor old to learn Pranic Healing. They are a family of Pranic Healers and Pranic Healing helped and healed them. They can do everything with Pranic Healing.  Angel also has helpers now in healing her mother.
According to Master Choa, After the storm comes the stillness. After the heavy rain, there is growth. After the unpleasant changes, there will be greater activity, greater success.
Angel knows that their family will be battered by more storms, drenched by heavy rain and riddled with unpleasant changes. But with Master Choa’s teachings, she knows that there will be greater activity and greater success.
Last December, Angel had a meaningful conversation with her daughter. Mona noticed that she wasn’t feeling well and asked what’s bothering her. Angel realized that she was afraid to grow old. Mona told her that she will grow old graciously because she is a Pranic Healer and an Arhatic Yoga Practitioner. Master Choa has teachings to help her prepare for the future. Her daughter, the youngest Pranic Healer in their family, gave her that shot in the arm when she was feeling so low and forgetful of all the teachings that she thought she knew.
Angel shared that it will help if there are more Pranic Healers in the family. She invited people to join the school and to attend all the courses to discover how it feels to prepare for a future where we will be growing old graciously.
Thank you Angel for a very inspiring talk.
Listen to more Pranic Healing enlightening talks from inspired students.  Join us At Pranic Healing Foundation of the Philippines(PHFP) : H.O.M.E.
Orientation on Oneness
Enlightening Talk
Every Thursday at 6:00pm-9:00pm
Unit 2210, Medical Plaza Ortigas, San Miguel Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City
RSVP +63 917 852 7434
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Arhatic Yoga Level 1 & 2

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Level 1 – June 17 @ 8:00 am-5:00pm

Level 2 – June 18 @ 8:00 am-5:00pm

Activating the Chakras

Each higher chakra has a corresponding lower chakra.  The higher chakra must be activated first before the lower chakra is activated.  The purpose for this is that the higher chakra with the higher spiritual or psychological function must control the lower chakra with the lower psychological function, just as the manager or supervisor must direct the workers.  If the lower chakras are activated first before the higher chakras, the higher chakras will not be in a position to control the lower nature of a person.


1.)  Level One – 2 years constant practice of Arhatic Yoga Preparatory

2.)  Level Two – 2 year constant practice of Arhatic Yoga Preparatory and Level One

MCKS Kriyashakti Course – May 4-5, 2019

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 Material abundance gives you freedom to pursue spiritual goals. Kriyashakti teaches you how to properly harness the power of your thoughts, subtle energies and your auric, field to create a life of prosperity and success both materially as well as spiritually.

Learn the Science of Materialization through Mind Power and Purification for Great Success, Prosperity, and Balanced Life through powerful principles and techniques.

 Things you will learn:

Principle of Power through Purification

  • Disintegrate self-destructive thought forms, vices, negative habits, poverty consciousness, guilt, and fears that hinder prosperity and success
  • Purge old lingering negative programming from childhood and build a network of powerful thought forms to continuously attract prosperity and wealth even as you sleep

Principle of Abundance

  • Attract good luck and generate prosperity and wealth through the science of tithing and karmic entitlement
  • Principle of Materialization Harness the power of thoughts, spoken words, and visualization to magically manifest your
  • Heal difficult cases, dysfunctional relationships, and harmonize conflicting factors
  • Build powerful thought forms and get what you really, really, really want

Principle of Success

  • Work intelligently towards your goal through constant practice of a special concretizing meditation

Principle of Moderation

  • Master the habit of spending wisely
  • Practice the power of saving and investing intelligently

Course prerequisites: Basic Pranic Healing, Advanced Pranic Healing, Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul, or Arhatic Yoga Prep

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