You may have read our email last week, but this week will be about the key to success.

One of the most crucial parts of opening the room to success is finding the right key, and that's why we'll share Master Choa's secret to help with your prosperity, health or happiness. It is called the One-Pointedness Method.


According to Master Choa Kok Sui, "Do not have too many objectives. One-pointedness is the key to success. Break one arrow at a time!"

How it works:

Constantly study the matter to improve the situation.
Start with something small, and it will gradually become bigger and bigger.
Can you have wealth and prosperity without using your head? Success does not necessarily depend on hard physical work.
Reformulate your strategy.
Work through the details.
Remove your inner obstacles, and then go for your target.
When you remain calm, you are ready to focus on the target.
Do not be paralyzed because of risk or fear.
Can you do something about the risk?
Take action!

Why Are People Using It

It's effective because, as investigated by Master Choa, thoughts are energy, and what happens in the world of energy will tend to manifest physically. And accomplishing an aim or purpose comes from the one-pointedness of the energy, not from diffusion.

It's Your Turn

Growth happens when you apply.

We prepared a form where you can take a crack at this tip.

Click this link [https://forms.gle/MEC8t7td7t7mNV43A]
Choose a Powerful Thought
Write your entry
Hit “Submit”

All you have to do is write a powerful thought that significantly helped you to take massive action.

Your PHFP Family

P.S. Don't overthink. If you're stuck, write "I am destined to be successful!" in your entry.

At this point, what's important is getting started.

Don't worry; there's more to come.


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