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My Healing Miracle

February 15, 2023 Leave a comment Go to comments

By Ruth “Lovely” Tarona

I was diagnosed with Rheumatic Heart Disease at the age of 12 and I was tired of going in and out of the hospital for my medication.
The Doctor told me that if the condition will not improve,  I will undergo surgery. My mother introduced me to Pranic Healing as we are open to other healing modalities.  We were also somehow desperate to prevent surgery.
When I attended the Basic Pranic Healing course, I was given hope. Hope that everyone, whatever their health condition,  has the chance to be in charge of their health and be healed. True enough, with help of Pranic Healing, I am now completely healed.
Pranic Healing gave me the necessary tools and techniques to empower myself.


Originally Posted athttp://www.pranichealing.com.ph

Ruth “Lovely” Tarona is a Registered Nurse by profession.  She is also a Pranic Healer and an Arhatic Yoga Practitioner.


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