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Life of Chi

February 23, 2021 Leave a comment

Atty. Chi Padayao


Do you ever wonder if there’s a faster yet safe way to transform yourself and your life?

Many people think that it’s impossible to get over health, relationship, financial and spiritual hurdles all at the same time.

They think they need lots and lots of time for research to do it until they can change into better persons.

That they have to spend much money and effort to improve their situation.

Well, I, too, was in that situation.

Pretty recently, actually.

A few days before the AY Intensive Program, Mama (my mother) put herself under self-quarantine.

Her co-worker was in close contact with a COVID+ spouse.

Did I tell you that my parents are both in their 60s and vulnerable?

Naturally, worry energies surfaced out in the family.

But with spiritual technologies taught in Pranic Healing® and Arhatic Yoga®, we got over the initial panic reaction.

Mama also nudged her co-worker and COVID+ spouse to register with the PHFP Humble Crown Healers distant healing program for COVID+.

Two days later which was the first day of the AY Intensive Program, Mama’s co-worker tested COVID negative.

Our family was free from mental, emotional, physical, and financial harm.

And I could focus on the weekend’s Arhatic Yoga® practice.

You see, while at the 2-Day Arhatic Yoga® Intensive Program, I did a bit of brainstorming with my co-Arhatic Yoga practitioners as to the effect of using the Arhatic Yoga® and Pranic Healing® technologies in promoting good health, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

What we discovered was mind-bending.

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MCKS Basic Pranic Healing

February 9, 2012 Leave a comment

FEBRUARY 11-12, 2012


Pranic Healing is a science and art of energy healing that utilizes prana, ki or life energy to keep the body healthy and alive.

It involves the manipulation of the energy body (aura) and the energy centers (chakras) that control the PHYSIOLOGICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL & SPIRITUAL states of a person.  The use of systematic, simple yet powerful techniques of cleansing and energizing the energy body bring forth the alleviation of pains, balanced condition, total wellness and wholeness.

Pranic Healing (1987-present) covers 150 countries in both the first world and developing countries.

Pranic Healing is developed by world renowned spiritual teacher, scientist, successful businessman and a philanthropist Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, a Filipino with Chinese descent.

Course Outline:

  1. Etheric (Energy) anatomy.
  2. Pranic Healing procedures in the treatment of diseases.
  3. First aid treatment and preventive healing.
  4. Pranic management of health and financial crises.
  5. Meditation on Twin Hearts, a form of world service.
  6. Physical and inner purifications (character building)
  7. Self healing and how to increase energy level.
  8. Distant healing – for patients with contagious diseases and patients from far distance.


Physiological Health – freedom from aches and pains, strengthening immune system and defense mechanism, enhancement of vitality, stamina, dynamism and productivity.

  1. Psychological Health – harmonious relationships, emotional stability, greater self-esteem and self confidence, mental clarity and dynamic intelligence.
  2. Balanced Life – material and spiritual prosperity.
  3. Self empowerment, spiritual leadership and shepherding.

Pranic Healing is a science and not a religion.  It is based on universal truths.

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