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Wesak Festival

April 29, 2023 Leave a comment

The second of the three major spiritual planetary festivals is The Wesak Festival, which is celebrated in the eastern hemisphere at the Taurus full moon. This is the festival of The Buddha, divine intermediary between the highest spiritual center, Shamballa, and the Spiritual Hierarchy.

The Buddha is the expression of the Wisdom of God, the embodiment of light and the indicator of divine purpose.

The Forces of Enlightenment are active during this festival. These forces emanate from the Heart of God, and transmit the second principle of Divinity, Love-Wisdom, leading to Divine Understanding and strengthening those who serve humanity. The qualities of The Buddha and The Christ eminent are the two outstanding expressions of this principle.


Significance of Wesak (From the Books by Alice A. Bailey)

The annual cycle of the Spiritual Festivals offers opportunity for people of all faiths to cooperate. Together, the three full moon festivals of AriesTaurus and Gemini form a united spiritual approach by humanity to divinity.

There are three such major Festivals each year, concentrated in three consecutive months and leading therefore, to a prolonged annual spiritual effort which will affect the remainder of the year. These will be:

  1.  The Festival of Easter. This is the Festival of the risen, living Christ, the Teacher of all men and the Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy. He is the Expression of the love of God. On this day the spiritual Hierarchy, which He guides and directs, will be recognised and the nature of God's love will be emphasised. This Festival is determined always by the date of the first Full Moon of spring and is the great Western and Christian Festival.
  2. The Festival of Wesak. This is the Festival of the Buddha, the spiritual Intermediary between the highest spiritual centre, Shamballa, and the Hierarchy. The Buddha is the expression of the wisdom of God, the Embodiment of Light and the Indicator of the divine purpose. This will be fixed annually in relation to the Full Moon of May, as is at present the case. It is the great Eastern Festival.
  3. The Festival of Goodwill. This will be the Festival of the spirit of [1] humanity aspiring towards God, seeking conformity with the will of God and dedicated to the expression of right human relations. This will be fixed annually in relation to the Full Moon of June. It will be a day whereon the spiritual and divine nature of mankind will be recognised. On this Festival for two thousand years the Christ has represented humanity and has stood before the Hierarchy and in the sight of Shamballa as the God-Man, the Leader of His people, and "the Eldest in a great family of brothers" (Romans VIII: 29). Each year at that time He has preached the last sermon of the Buddha, before the assembled Hierarchy. This will, therefore, be a festival of deep invocation and appeal, of a basic aspiration towards fellowship, of human and spiritual unity, and will represent the effect in the human consciousness of the work of the Buddha and of the Higher Beings.

The Wesak Festival has been traditionally associated in eastern civilization with the Buddha, divine intermediary between the highest spiritual center on the planet, Shamballa, and the Hierarchy. The Buddha is the expression of the Wisdom of God, the embodiment of Light and the indicator of divine purpose, cooperating at this festival with his brother the Christ, who represents the Hierarchy. The Buddha embodies the Principle of Light, and because of this illumination humanity was able to recognize the Christ, embodiment of the still greater Principle of Love.

Each year at the time of Wesak, two great streams of energy ~ one focused through the Buddha and the other through the Christ ~ are fused and blended, and it is the task of world servers to precipitate this combined energy into the waiting world.

The Wesak Festival is indeed a great spiritual event, with a powerful effect upon humanity. Groups of aspirants can at this time become channels for the higher energies released through the medium of the two focal points ~ the Buddha, who represents the overlighting essence of subjective realities, and the Christ, representative of aspiring humanity.

This is symbolized in religious rituals where the priest acts as the focal point; here, however, the priesthood in this great ceremony of contact is not a separate entity. All can be priests, the single qualification being the capacity to align oneself and be en rapport with the Soul, and thus be able to cooperate with other souls.

Wesak is a time of unusual inflow of life and of spiritual stimulation, serving to vitalize the aspiration of all humanity. At the time of the festival, through the united effort of the Christ and the Buddha working in closest cooperation, there is opened a channel of communication between humanity and deity through which an approach can be made to Those Who guide our planet, so that aspirants and disciples are able to contact energies not otherwise easily available.

In mutual service to humanity, at Wesak the Buddha and the Christ bring about a linking that blends East and West, uniting the world's major religions in a shared holy day in which religious distinctions disappear. In the beautiful water ceremony of communion is portrayed the symbol of the new age which is upon us, the Aquarian Age, the age of the Water Carrier.

During the Wesak Festival the Buddha becomes the "absorbing Agent" of Will. He uses the magnetic power of Love-Wisdom to attract this force to Himself and hold it steady, prior to redirecting it. The Christ then ~ on behalf of the Hierarchy ~ becomes the "receiving Agent" of this potent energy and the groups of Masters Who work with the human and sub-human kingdoms (in response to His demand) become the "directing Agents" for the sevenfold expression of this force.

So around the Wesak Festival, expansions of consciousness are made possible that are not possible at other times. Those of goodwill are stimulated spirtually to take initiation, in order to penetrate more deeply and consciously into the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. These reveal more about the wonder of our divinity, and about the Plan to which humanity is conforming. Each year, the Wesak marks the beginning of a cycle for the New Group of World Servers, that comprise three-year cycles of crisis, tension, and emergence.

At the Wesak Festival we may honor the Buddha, as well as ourselves, as dedicated transmitters of the energy that can be contacted at the full moon in Taurus. Each year as we experience the Wesak more consciously, it's important to hold the space for the inflow and distribution of energies, through safeguarding.

The focused interplay of many minds working together in meditation produces a unity of thought powerful enough to reach the Great Lives watching over and guiding our planet. And the combined aspiration, consecration, devotion and intelligence of the group carries everyone to greater heights than could be attained alone.

The greater the number of people who meditate at this time, the stronger the magnetic field of the group heart and its invocative, indrawing power. It's up to each of us to attune with ever greater clarity to the note being sounded ~ to quiet the mind and transmute individual desires that only cause confusion and chaos, into desire for the greatest good of all.

We know where we are aligned ... with the Source of all that is. That Source provides uniquely and cooperates with All who are tuned to Its note of Life.


Email us for schedule of Wesak Festival Meditation:

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How Grateful Are You to Mother Earth

March 29, 2023 Leave a comment

“When I started to attend the Meditation on Twin Hearts, I tried to pray from my heart. I am so grateful that God heard my prayer that my family will visit me since it has been a long time since I have been here. Thank you so much! God bless!”

- Kaycee, a PDL who experienced Twin Hearts Meditation

Thank you for taking time to open and read this gratitude letter.

Many experts and researchers are now looking into the healing power of gratitude. Interestingly, you can test this for yourself. Just try a few minutes every day for a week of saying "thank you" to someone and then observe yourself blooming after.

Imagine if we extended this to the entire Earth—wouldn't that be amazing? After all, the Earth has provided our species with the means to thrive and evolve.

In the Pranic Healing school, we express this gratitude to Mother Earth through the Twin Hearts meditation.

Now, we don't just do this on our own... With you, your family and friends and the Pranic Healing community, we can join together in saying "Thank you!" to Mother Earth through our evening Healing-Oneness-Meditation-Enlightenment (H.O.M.E.) online sessions from Monday to Friday.

Heart Health Hacks

March 24, 2023 Leave a comment

by Atty. Chi Padayao


How to look after your heart without drastically further overworking it with stressful treatments?

Most people with a heart condition will tell you that further overworking the heart with stressful heart treatments is barely worth the aim of extending well-being, energy, vitality, and life.

But according to the World Health Organization, heart disease remains the number 1 killer, the leading cause of death globally for the last 20 years.


In Medical News Today,

“Medical professionals use the term heart disease to describe several conditions. Many of these conditions relate to plaque buildup in the arteries walls. As the plaque develops, the arteries narrow. This makes it difficult for blood to flow around the body and increases the risk of heart attack or stroke. It can also give rise to angina, arrhythmia, and heart failure.”

In one forum, someone who suffered a heart attack described it,

“I would add, breaking into a cold sweat. There are times when you will have no symptoms, which is known as a “silent MI” or heart attack. The best thing you can do is not delay, as this is the biggest mistake that is made. Also, women can experience upper abdominal pain and not chest pain as a presenting symptom of a heart attack.”


A Johns Hopkins cardiologist considers stress a risk factor for serious heart problems.

Recent research says that people who are more worried about losing their job are nearly 20 percent more likely to have heart disease. This and including even stress-related enjoyable events, may still raise the risk of a heart emergency.


So why not extend well-being and be filled with energy, vitality, and life without further overworking the heart with stressful heart treatments?


Here are my 3 favorite heart-health hacks right now:


According to Master Choa Kok Sui, patients with long-standing resentments cause the solar plexus chakra to be congested with dirty energy. Part of that goes to the heart chakra, which in the long run, causes the physical heart to become enlarged.
Thus, the practice of forgiving is therapeutic and necessary for good health.

EAT YOUR FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES According to Master Choa Kok Sui, fresh fruits and vegetables contain a lot of pranic or life energy, which is much needed for a patient’s body.
Thus, a patient with severe ailments (like heart disease) should become a vegetarian temporarily or permanently.


According to Master Choa Kok Sui, doing the Meditation on Twin Hearts increases the size of the spiritual cord and, therefore, the amount of divine energy coming to the body.
Thus, this will, of course, significantly accelerate the healing process.

And here in Pranic Healing school, you can have the skill to look after your heart with tender loving care…

Without waiting for your first attack to happen.

While spending less time on research on identifying the disease process.

And you are finding a more straightforward way to let your body have that stress-free time off.


This is precisely how Pranic Healing and Meditation on Twin Hearts helped Ruth “Lovely” Tarona be healed from her rheumatic heart disease.

Read her story here: My Healing Miracle!


Let Go- Samadhi

March 17, 2023 Leave a comment
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My Healing Miracle

February 15, 2023 Leave a comment

By Ruth “Lovely” Tarona

I was diagnosed with Rheumatic Heart Disease at the age of 12 and I was tired of going in and out of the hospital for my medication.
The Doctor told me that if the condition will not improve,  I will undergo surgery. My mother introduced me to Pranic Healing as we are open to other healing modalities.  We were also somehow desperate to prevent surgery.
When I attended the Basic Pranic Healing course, I was given hope. Hope that everyone, whatever their health condition,  has the chance to be in charge of their health and be healed. True enough, with help of Pranic Healing, I am now completely healed.
Pranic Healing gave me the necessary tools and techniques to empower myself.


Originally Posted at

Ruth “Lovely” Tarona is a Registered Nurse by profession.  She is also a Pranic Healer and an Arhatic Yoga Practitioner.


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Redirecting Rejection: An Energy Approach To Transforming Rejection Into An Opportunity For Spiritual Growth

February 2, 2023 Leave a comment

By Atty. Chi Padayao

Growing up gay may mean facing intense discrimination from loved ones, friends, the church, and the community. It started early for me.

One time, an uncle got furious when I played basketball with my friends (who were all boys). We were shooting hoops without any shirts on. It was a funny incident since we were all seven (7) years old then. “All of my friends didn’t have their shirts on also!” I told him stubbornly. “But, you’re a girl. Girls don’t go playing without their shirts on!” said my uncle exasperatedly.

By the time I reached college, my mind was muddled. I took refuge in Academic Freedom, dabbling in “isms” like existentialism, pragmatism, and atheism. The longer I did these, the more disconnected I felt. The family couldn’t even relate to me anymore. One time a family friend suggested that I join the town’s beauty contest. “Look at how she looks and how short her hair is. Any unfortunate butiki (lizard) will die if it lands on her spiked hair!” said a family member.

By my mid-thirties, this systematic rejection was bound to cause stress, depression, and anxiety. The soul was actually in hiding. The constant fear of rejection and other negative emotions clouded the being. Even though I worked as a lawyer, lived in my apartment, had an adorable dog, and appeared to know what I was doing. I was constantly overachieving to gain acceptance, overworking, and drowning in vice as temporary comfort. The mind also became very critical of others. Then, not surprisingly (yet terribly), spiritual emptiness crept in—the toxic air of negative energies that polluted my life finally caught up.

Until a friend brought me to the Basic Pranic Healing course.

At the PHFP in the Medical Plaza Building, I waited for the class by looking at the digests and books on esoteric teachings hanging on the nearby magazine rack. As I read the whiteboard, I realized it was a school that offered solutions for different needs: health, finances, relationships, and spirituality. It wasn’t an ordinary school, in any case.

In the courses, I got to know about the works of Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, the founder. A great spiritual teacher, a scientist, and a philanthropist. His work was about the Spiritual Laws, regulating thoughts and emotions, and Virtues. He studied the breathtaking world of life force that gives life to everything. And harnessed for healing. It was about the Science of Energy. Not a religion because it studied the universality of the principles. But it was a synthesis of science and spirituality because he used his spiritual knowledge and esoteric research for practical purposes.

As healers, we learned to replace harmful energies (like fear of rejection, self-doubt, etc.) with positive ones. We were taught how to transform the negative energies within us (and our patients) into positive ones, i.e., generate extraordinary powers of love, compassion, and mercy. As one internally forgives, one receives forgiveness. Inner peace, love, joy, and abundance became an actionable journey. As Master Choa taught, “what happens to the world of energy tends to manifest physically.”


It was extraordinary, and I found it fascinating. As a bonus, the clouds of vices and negative emotions were removed safely. But, more importantly, the school helped me return to my true nature as a spiritual being that is loved, healed, and whole.


pranic healing

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Contentment with Life and Self

January 29, 2023 Leave a comment

by Mia Geronimo

One thing I have learned in life is to be content and grateful for what God has reserved for me. I had struggled with anger and hangups about my life, especially about my unique family background (no biological dad around, no siblings or close cousins). I wanted to be like everyone else. For instance, I longed to have a barkada (peer-group) and do gimmicks (I previously had no solid friends nor did frequent gimmicks). I also longed to have my mom and dad around and to bond with cousins at family gatherings and other events.

All I could do was resent my uncommon life and not count my blessings. God had actually blessed me with so much. However, in all honesty, I sometimes turned a blind eye to my blessings. I focused on whatever I did not have and how envious I was of others.

Imagine the following scenarios:

-A person living in a high-end single house who wishes s/he lived in a family compound instead

-A second-born child who wishes s/he was in a family where s/he was the first-, no older, child before him/her

-A last-born who wishes there was a younger child who came after him/her

-A millionaire unhappy with his salary and wanting to be a billionaire

-A person who has traveled a lot in the world but feels bad that s/he has not been to her/his dream destination

-A second honor student feeling frustrated over not getting first honors

All they can think of is what’s missing, without appreciating the blessings that came with their situation.

It hurts God to see His child so discontented after receiving all those blessings. It’s like giving a nice dollhouse to your 6-year-old daughter for her birthday. Of course, you expect to see her cheerfully smiling and thanking you for her gift. Instead, all she can do is grumble that all you gave her is the dollhouse.

“Mom/Dad, is this all you can give me for my birthday? It’s not enough”. You hear this much to your disappointment. How much more hurt can you be that she received it with discontent instead of appreciation?

That is exactly the same feeling God has when He gives you this buffet of blessings and all you do is grumble over what you don’t have.

It’s called ingratitude. Discontentment. Thanklessness.

That has been me at certain points. But now, I have decided to be more grateful for my situation—even my unique family structure. Admittedly though, I still find myself once in a  while with a half-empty mindset. I cannot say I have mastered gratitude. I still have a lot of work to do to become even more appreciative. However, I noticed that my discontent with life has drastically reduced. The tools of Pranic Healing, especially the Kriyashakti techniques, have helped me focus more on abundance instead of on lack.

When I resolved to be more grateful, I noticed I got more and more blessings. For example, my friendships have improved. Early last year, I reconnected with God-centered, spiritual girlfriends. Eventually, we became a barkada and started going out frequently. I also became close to more people from the Pranic Healing family. I have more service opportunities as a student of the Pranic Healing school. I am part of the attendance team in the 5AM online meditation. I also am in the tech team in the evening online healing enrichment sessions.  I joined an online marketing business early last year and found good friends among fellow distributors. I also saw improvements in my relationships with family, physical health, and spiritual life—especially getting closer to God, and in my finances.


Much as I have learned to be more appreciative, I still find myself wanting more of this and that. I want to live a “normal” life like everyone else. I am able, though, to balance this striving for a better life and contentment with my situation.


I learned that it is okay to want more but still be content with what you have. Contentment does not mean complacency. Also, the desire for more should not mean a dislike of your life. Balance contentment and desire for more, in other words.


God gives us sufficient blessings and to appreciate them is to appreciate what He has done for us. He wants to see us, His children, be appreciative of His gifts.


Remember to always thank God for His blessings. Every day should be Thanksgiving Day, not just on the 4th Thursday of November. After all, His blessings come to us all 365 or 366 days of the year.  Even the smallest of blessings shall you thank Him for. The mere fact that you woke up today, that you can breathe—even that deserves appreciation. Be grateful but don’t be complacent. Strive for more but don’t be ungrateful.


mia Geronimo

Mia Geronimo is a Pranic Healer and Arhatic Yoga Practitioner. She believes that holistic healing is the key to one’s best life.


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Healing Meditation for Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDLs)

January 6, 2023 Leave a comment
pranic healing

By Paulyn

Meditation on Twin Hearts is an audio-guided meditation by Master Choa Kok Sui.  He is the founder of Pranic Healing and the Arhatic Yoga System.  This meditation helps practitioners experience peace and illumination while blessing Mother Earth with harmony and loving kindness.  It is a simple, yet powerful and advanced spiritual technology for achieving a higher level of consciousness or “Illumination” by activating the heart and the crown chakras.  Meditation on Twin Hearts is practiced by millions of people worldwide.  Doing this regularly can contribute to world peace.


“Just as Pranic Healing can ‘miraculously’ cure simple and severe ailments, the Meditation on Twin Hearts, when practiced by a large number of people, can miraculously heal the entire earth; thereby making the earth more harmonious and peaceful.”


–Master Choa Kok Sui


Benefits of Meditation on Twin Hearts:


  • Improve your health
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Have a sharper mind and greater happiness
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Improve your relationships
  • Become a divine channel
  • Increase good luck


Practicing Meditation on Twin Hearts is like taking a Spiritual Shower. When your aura is clean, you experience a Higher Level of awareness. When your aura is clean, you see through things more clearly. Even your Good Luck increases.”


-Master Choa Kok Sui  


Hence, after the Pranic Self-Healing Course, I started to do the Meditation on Twin Hearts once or twice a day, every day. I noticed a lot of immediate changes.  I felt more peace within myself.  I became more patient, kind, and tolerant of the people around me.  I also had a clearer mind.


On November 7, 2022, we started to conduct Meditation on Twin Hearts once a week for the 280++ People Deprived of Liberty (PDL) in  Marikina City Jail (Ladies’ Dorm). This is a collaboration between some volunteers from the Pranic Healing Foundation of the Philippines and the Inner Wheel Club of the Philippines.  It is an inspired action by co-Pranic Healer and Arhatic Yoga Practitioner, Ms. Stella Estremera from Mindanao Pranic Healing Training Center in Davao.


As early as 4 weeks into the meditations, we started receiving the following testimonials from the PDLs:


Rica L., 27yrs old


“I felt relaxed after the Meditation on Twin Hearts and more optimistic in life. I surrendered all my worries and anxiety to God.”


Ericka P.,  22yrs old


“Nakaramdam ako ng magandang feeling nung nag Meditation on Twin Hearts kami at feel ko makikita ko yung mga anak ko at makakalaro ko din.  I am so happy for that.”


(“I felt happy when we did the Meditation on Twin Hearts.  I feel that I will soon get to see and play with my children.  I am so happy about that.”)


Kaycee A., 37yrs old


“Simula po nung nag-start akong umattend ng Meditation on Twin Hearts sinubukan kong magdasal ng mula sa puso at sa awa ni God dininig niya ang panalangin ko na madalaw po ako ng aking pamilya sa tagal ko po na nakapiit dito. Salamat po talaga. God bless!”


(“When I started to attend the Meditation on Twin Hearts, I tried to pray from my heart.  I am so grateful that God heard my prayer that my family will visit me since it has been a long time since I have been here.  Thank you so much! God bless!”)


Grace Joy,  43 yrs old


“Since we started the Meditation on Twin Hearts here in our community, I felt physical improvement and the aura is more positive compared to before. Thank you!


Normala S., 24 yrs old


“Simula po noong sumali ako ng Meditation on Twin Hearts nagdasal po ako kay Allah na sana maka uwi po ako para makasama ang mga anak ko po dahil sa tagal kona po. 3 years na po ako dito.  Biglang nag granted ang petition for bail ko po. Salamat po.”


(“Since I started to join the Meditation on Twin Hearts, I prayed to Allah that I want to go home so I can be with my children.  It has been 3 years that I have been here.  Surprisingly, my petition for bail was granted! Thank you so much!”)


Our deepest gratitude to MCKS for all the teachings and for inspiring in us the Goodwill to do good — to make Heaven on Earth.


pranic healing


Paulyn is a holistic health coach, a trainer, and an entrepreneur by profession.  She is also a Pranic Healer and an Arhatic Yoga Practitioner.

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Drifting Through Life

December 10, 2022 Leave a comment

By Atty. Chi Padayao

The external world was still the same. The dirty plastic trash bins in front of the apartment were still overflowing with yesterday’s garbage. The constant sounds of the neighbors, the pedestrians, the tricycles, and even cars in the narrow streets still insisted on clouding her mind.


It’s as if what remained were the inconveniences. The ones that felt good— her relationships, her siblings, her happy workplace, her friends—were nowhere to be found. Only her cigarettes had been at the nearby table for almost two decades. Through college exams, romance with lovers, good and (bad) times with friends, or strangers in strange new places.


She felt the shiver in her skin. As if the shadows of the past long gone crawled through them. It heavily weighed the surroundings like an ominous dark cloud.


“This, too, shall pass,” she told herself that line from that famous movie.


Her pet dog Abu barked. As if knowing she would flee. To escape her miseries. Drifting. In work. In stuff. Without even dreams.

That was my story of drifting through life.

Growing up, being loved was the dream. But life’s rejections happened. They were too painful sometimes that they felt dangerous. Any misunderstanding in the family was: dangerous!  Heartache in love life: danger! Challenge in the workplace: risk! The mind spiraled. Out of control. As if always in a severe state of stress. I didn’t know that it was part of life. As the old saying goes, “there is suffering in life.”

The thing was, research showed that when under sustained stress: biologically, the body will also be defensive. As if waiting to battle pathogens. It had disastrous effects on me. Cells aged faster. Health deteriorated. I didn’t need to have annual check-ups. All that was needed was to wait for my yearly sickness. Like clockwork, it will either be a severe flu, viral fever, or hemorrhagic dengue fever. The additional warning signs were my liver problems, prolonged menstrual bleeding, difficulty breathing, and pimple breakouts. I even stopped dreaming…especially of being loved.

But six years ago, I started a healing journey. It brought me to the Pranic Healing school. A world of life energy. Where it taught me how to use energy (prana) to heal, the Meditation on Twin Hearts, and other teachings, especially Arhatic Yoga. That pain, like rejection, maybe a redirection; to what was essential.

Yes, life’s cycle of ups and downs continues. Pains. Failures. But I started dreaming again. To live better. And this time, to love better. Slowly, the mundane became extraordinary. The temporary fixes in people and things got disentangled. I could breathe better. Even if walking up the stairs! People noticed that my skin got radiant. The gray in the fingers turned into a pinkish color. As well as my lips.  Subtly felt also was the kindness that came from the words. Surprisingly the heart found love in the family, relationships, and community.

Like this Christmas season. There was deep and miraculous love in knowing about my true nature and where I came from.

And that is why I am excited for you. For embarking on this journey; toward living your dreams. With an aim and personal power. Because you are taking charge of your future. You are investing in yourself and your loved ones for the long term. In one that’s permanent, in what powers dreams to reality.  See you inside.


pranic healing

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Unleash Your Potential

November 26, 2022 Leave a comment
Pranic Healing

By Madeline Retuta, M.D.


Being a medical doctor, a wife, and a parent, I always believed that I have a fulfilled the milestones mostly expected from one’s life journey.  I was happy and content.

When I learned about Pranic Healing, my eyes were opened to a wider perspective.  I gradually developed a consciousness of endless possibilities.  While my life was good enough, learning the simple but effective teachings made me more aware that there is more to life than what I had.  I realized how small my world was.

Case in point, I never knew I had a knack for business. Our family was  able to acquire in a few real estate properties, an additional house, and lands.  We bought  these properties without having a clear plan on what to do with them.

I used to be a government employee.  My income was limited to my salary, but as I pursued the Financial management courses in the Pranic Healing school such as the  Spiritual Business ManagementPranic Feng Shui, and Kriyashakti, I learned that  we can have even more abundance and prosperity if we have a channel to materialize these. The courses were either 1-2 days; and for  the enrichment course on Applied Spiritual Technology, a 4-day course.

Here, I gained insight on  what to do with our properties.   I can turn these  into income-generating assets.  As my first business endeavor, I did not really know where and how to start.  There were times that I would sit in the middle of the building to visualize what I wanted to happen and feel the surroundings.  Lo and behold!  My thoughts would just flow creatively.  This started our Real Estate Leasing business, by providing accommodations to tourists in our area, which is the Surfing Capital of the North.  The business was an instant hit.  We had a continuous stream of clients.  Customers were not only satisfied but left our place clean, grateful, appreciative, and delighted.  The following year, we acquired an adjacent property.  Another building that is perfectly fit and designed for the same purpose, without much effort.  The whole family is happily on board with the business project.  Soon after, the children took the reins in managing our business.

Operating the business at a higher level of consciousness, that is, it is beyond just the monetary benefits, but it serves as an avenue for creativity, much gratitude, learning, enhancing relationships and doing service.  The income generated enabled us to tithe, give, and share more than we used to, and to take care of other people.  We tithe diligently   out of  appreciation and gratitude  for what we have in life.  It is in doing business that we learned that it is in allowing other people to earn and  make money  that we can have more.  We  also bless other people’s livelihoods a lot, and it works!  Money just flows!

      Pranic Healing helps unleash one’s potential to limitless possibilities — more than one can ever imagine.  It makes life more colorful, interesting, and prosperous.  According to MCKS, “Things happen because we will them to happen.

Creation is done by the Will influencing the Inner Inner World.”     I learned all of these in Pranic Healing.  You, or anyone  can learn it too.



Pranic Healing


Dr. Madeline Retuta is a Medical Doctor by profession and an Entrepreneur.  She is also a Certified Associate Pranic Healer, an Arhatic Yoga Practitioner, and Manager of Region 1 Pranic Healing and Training Center.

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