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On Love and Loving Kindness

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Quotes from MCKS Golden Lotus Sutras
-Compassionate Objectivity
-Experiencing Being
Institute for Inner Studies Publishing Foundation Inc.
“It is love that heals.”– MCKS
Happy Valentine's Day!  Let us ponder on the 
following quotes of MCKS from his 
Golden Lotus Sutras.

On Love

MCKS Experiencing Being, The Golden Lotus Sutras on Love

“Real love makes a person see things clearly and accurately.”

“As a “Being of Divine Love” your words must be kind and gentle and not injurious. When an infant dirties its diaper, you do not scream at the baby – likewise with a young immature soul in a big body.”

Love is the food that will make your soul grow. By loving deeply, you may become one with your beloved and one with all.”

“Project Loving-kindness to your partner and the person will bloom.”

“In marriage, you love a lot and forgive a lot. Love is the lubricant.”

‘What is the quality of your relationship? What kind of energy have you sent to your partner? By what comes out of your mouth, you will know the status of your relationship.”

On Loving-kindness

MCKS Compassionate Objectivity, The Golden Lotus Sutra on Character Building

“Practice Loving-kindness to people and to other beings.”

“If the heart chakra is not developed, the Crown chakra cannot be developed.”

“To be smart is good, but you must also have a good heart. Practice tolerance, patience, and kindness in thought speech and action.”

“Power without loving-kindness manifests as cruelty; Power without intelligence manifests as stupidity.”

“Generate one good thought a day about a person you do not like. When you have love, you see people like children; they cannot help themselves, so you feel more compassion.”

“Loving energy is real! It can be used to neutralize antagonistic energy. the antidote for cruelty is loving-kindness and non-injury. Without love, there is only criticism, hated and anger.”

“Love has to be under the control of the will- guided by wisdom and intelligence.”

“Do not wallow in bitterness and resentment. You get healed by love. IT IS LOVE THAT HEALS.

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