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Roses Always Come with Thorns

Here’s Master Choa’s tip to Relationships: No matter how sweet and wonderful your beloved is, there will always be shortcomings. Roses always come with thorns. Be happy!

Unbelievable, right?

Most often, it’ll take a lifetime to learn.

You’ll learn that like quality energy attracts like quality energy. Loving-kindness attracts loving-kindness. Anger and hatred attract anger and hatred.

NOTE: Verbally repeating the mistake of a person is nagging. Nagging does not work.

MONEY: Rich People are Bad People!

That’s what Maria (not her real name) faced internally when a Pranic Healer invited her to attend a prosperity course.

Maria was four hours late because her Grab car got stuck in traffic.

Since she knew about energy, she thought about what kind of energy she had that led to this traffic jam.

She asked herself, "What do I think about wealthy people that keeps me from going to this event?"

Then she thought: "All I want is a simple life. I'll be happy about that. I don't need money!"

She immediately got rid of this negative thought and replaced it with a better one. Only after she made this decision that the cars started to move.

So, she told her friend about it, when she arrived at the venue.

All her friend did was nod. "Oh, you're right! I also want a simple life. I'll be happy about that."

She seemed shocked. Maria did not expect that to be the answer.

"Are you with me?" she asked. Then why do we still go to classes on how to get rich?"

Her friend kept quiet.

Instead, her friend told her about the topics discussed while she was in the traffic jam. Maria's friend said, "By the way, Maria, I remember your story about how you loved it when you gave your last five hundred pesos to buy food for the hungry people outside St. Jude Thaddeus church."

"Yes, and I've done it before," she said.

"Tell me," her friend said, "do you need money to buy the food?"

"Of course, yes." She laughed. "I had to make a budget and find the cheapest thing to eat at McDonald's to buy food for people outside the church."

"You need to have the money, right? I don't get it. Don't you need to be wealthy to be able to give to others? Shouldn't a person who wants to help others get rich?"

Maria became quiet.

She could tell that her friend was making a point.

Her friend told her, "Maria, rich people become bad when they don't use their money to help others, including their own lives and the lives of their families to become better."

“Like me, I take these prosperity lessons because I want to be rich to help more people.”

SPIRITUALITY: It’s Not My Area of Expertise!

Juana (not her real name) says she can't lead the Meditation on Twin Hearts during an international event.

She says, "I'm not that sure of myself yet."

But so many people have told her they can connect to and feel better when she talks about how she was healed and how the Meditation on Twin Hearts helped her and her family.

Friend, you don't have to be an expert to inspire others with your transformational stories.

Here's what matters:

To know that you are the Soul
To find ways and solutions to overcome the obstacles
To go beyond the limitations, with calculated courage and fearlessness
To be still
And do things with loving-kindness and non-injury.

In blessing the Earth and every person and being, silently say,

“From the heart of God,

Let the Whole Earth be blessed with loving-kindness.

May the mind of every person, every being be blessed with

Diving Light, divine guidance, wisdom and discernment.

May the will of every being be blessed with inner strength

To do what is right and to refrain from unwholesome actions.

May every person, every being be blessed with happiness,

Good health, spirituality, and abundance. So be it!”


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