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Feeling Average?

When things don't go as planned…

Or when things take longer than you expect…

Doubt creeps in.

It's doubly true when you see people on social media achieving YOUR goals.

While you remain on the outside looking in, wondering if it'll ever come true for you.

One Pranic Healing practitioner had a bout with this.

Together with other Pranic Healing graduates, they did the Pranic Healing protocols for smoking and drinking addictions for several patients, which they were joyful to do. It was accepted with praise, saying it improved their lives.

But then…

One of their patients told them that it didn't work.

The patient was already asking how they could "correct" it.

You see, these protocols have been used by Pranic Healing practitioners for the past decades with successful results.

So there's nothing wrong with the healing protocols --- which points the fault squarely at the Pranic Healing practitioners.

If they were not careful, those things can mess with our minds.

Leaving them feeling average—or, at worst, a total failure.

Here's the thing. Without looking at the data, everything is an opinion.

So they investigated.

It turned out that the patient was not receptive. When asked, she ascribed smoking as part of her identity, especially with friends who were also smokers.

Energy follows thought. Thus, the patient fell back into the vice once she went back to her friends.

Plus, once the patient decided to focus on her self-care, she eventually quit smoking without side effects. She told the Pranic Healing practitioners later that it was thanks to the Pranic Healing done with her. Proof that the healing protocols worked for those willing and ready.

It just "felt" like an issue because of the unusual feedback.

They explained the situation to the patient and guided her on the importance of the patient’s willingness to get healed for the energy healing to work.

The point?

Don't get carried away with emotions.

Data doesn't lie.

Be intentional about how you can guide the clients to improve their energy and well-being.

It's precisely why they used data to uncover self-care techniques.

But we won't tell you what those are.

Don't get us wrong; it's not because we don't want to.

It's because not everyone suffers from the same mistakes, and addressing a non-issue can cost you more time and effort.

Instead, we put together this infographic to find out exactly what YOUR self-care needs are (and what you can do to address them).

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