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We have the capacity and the precious gift to produce healing colors which help in the faster healing rate and miraculous healing of patients. Aside from healing properties, these color pranas have particular roles in our prosperity, over all health and well-being, spirituality and success in life.

Give yourself a gift for a lifetime!

Learn the science and art of


Most severe ailments necessitate the use of Intense Color Pranic Energies for better results.  Using Color Prana is like going to a specialist instead of a general practitioner.  Learn the secrets of Master Healers!


  • Specialized and advanced healing & energizing techniques with the use of color pranas to heal severe physiological cases such as: Cancer, Diabetes, glaucoma. Emphysema, heart ailments, stroke, arthritis, rheumatism, skin problems and brain disorders.
  • PRANIC ANESTHESIA -learn the special colors to apply to relieve pain instantaneously.
  • Activate the Immune System with Powerful Color Energies through the Lymphatic System, blood, liver and kidneys.
  • SPECIALIZED TECHNIQUES for rapid healing of fresh wounds, inhibit rapid growth of  tissue.
  • Normalizing blood pressure, blood sugar, heartbeat and body temperature.
  • Disintegrating and expelling kidney stone, gall bladder stones, cyst and tumor.
  • Preventing the activation, growth and multiplication of cancer cells.
  • Preventing miscarriage and facilitating the birthing process.
  • Normalizing and regenerating damaged organs
  • Complementary healing techniques:

-Cleansing the Blood Technique                           -Master Healing Technique

-Cleansing Internal Organs Technique                 -Super Healing Technique

  • Instructive healing and Divine Healing to hasten healing rate.
  • Enlightening on preventive healing to maintain healthier living.
  • Spiritual technology on miraculous healing

  1. June 17, 2014 at 1:17 am

    Hey ..I need help for gallbladder stone .pls tll me how should I do healing ? ASAP thanks

    • June 17, 2014 at 10:12 am

      Hi, if you finished advanced pranic healing course, you will find the protocol in healing gallbladder stone in your Advanced Pranic Healing book.
      It is a step by step protocol so it should be easy to follow.
      All the best!

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