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“Tell me, what is your dream life?”

“Tell me, what is your dream life?”
That’s the underlying reason behind the questions we posed in the newsletter last week.

And we were taken aback when we saw the responses.
Specifically, how one-sided it is.

Our thoughts?

Meetup with friends. Go out of town—life on the beach.

But everyone said one thing.

People are aiming for wholesome living.

It validated our decision to teach you more about the virtue of detachment.

The teachings of Master Choa have allowed us to value the importance of the practice of moderation and non-excessiveness to achieve prosperity in any aspect of our life.

Giving calm, undivided attention to the work at hand, living life intensely, but at the same time being detached with the results.

Anyway, we’ve reserved the following emails to talk about it. For now, know that even in our pursuit of your dreams, don’t forget to…



Golden Nuggets

"If you give the world better material, better measure, better opportunities, for living respectably, there is happiness in that."
– Philip D. Armour



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