We recently celebrated Father's Day last weekend. It was a fantastic opportunity for us kids to affirm the goodness in our dads. And show them our love and gratitude for being one of our early guides in the highway of life. Besides, they may already be supers in our eyes, but just like plants, they need water to bloom, in the form of loving thoughts, words, and actions.

But here's the thing, what do we do when our parents become a pain?

Reminds me of a senior disciple’s personal experience with Master Choa.

According to the story, this senior disciple asked Master Choa’s help. Because her father refuses to let go of unhealthy habits despite good advice from her, a Pranic Healer, who’ve been getting positive feedback of miraculous healings from her clients. She loves her family so much. And it would pain her if something bad happened to them.

"Just be there for him," Master Choa.

The senior disciple followed Master Choa's instructions and did what was told. She carved time to be with her father. Did loving acts for him, like cooking his favorite foods and having long conversations with him to understand where he was coming from.

As time passed, the father underwent a positive change and shifted to a healthier lifestyle. He also became more harmonious with the family. It worked.

And these are excellent tactics for building emotional resilience. These techniques work because they involve being aware that nobody is perfect. We are not perfect. Our parents are not perfect. They are all good people. They are not perfect. They, like us, are also growing. We are all in the process of evolving. Internally, we forgive the soul.

It is important to remember that we will continue to face similar challenges until we learn the lesson.

Even with other people outside of the family, they can be a pain and even insult us.

Master Choa’s way is to look at this as an opportunity for personal growth.

We touch our hearts and bless these people. We bless them with love so that they will become better people.

It works because it involves projecting love to neutralize the negativity in the situation.

When someone is aggressive and rejects negative energy, it bounces back to the other person unless that negative energy is transmuted into peace, love, harmony, and understanding.

By remaining calm and avoiding reacting negatively, our soul's energy can improve.

Emotional stability and clarity are signs of spiritual development. This is the path to harmony and progress.




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