MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy

Bridge the gap between the mind, the physical body & the human energy system.

Enjoy a “stress-free” life by being transformed and empowered.

Master Choa Kok Sui©



You will learn:

☻ Advanced Pranic Healing techniques to treat psychological disorders; stress, depression,

violence, irritability, hysteria, phobia, trauma and suicidal tendencies.

☻  Healing negative habits of smoking, drug addiction and alcoholism.

☻ Transmuting destructive entities of compulsive and obsessive behavior.

☻ Normalizing sexual energy to prevent impotence, infertility and sexual violence.

☻ Auric and chakral shielding to be freed from negative psychic attacks.

☻ Preparing a baby before being born to ensure a total healthy condition.

☻ Preparing a dying person to a peaceful and dignified death.

☻ Externalizing negative entities and elementals to create a positive self-image.

☻Enhancing harmonious and nurturing relationships (marital, social, and working relationships)

☻Practical applications of Pranic Healing on:  healing relationships, pranic agriculture, healing business, home or office, healing medicines and other commodities.

Pre-requisite:  Basic and Advanced Pranic Healing

  1. Chanelle
    May 17, 2016 at 10:07 pm

    I will be in Cebu end of June early July. I’m wondering if you have any pranic healing centers in in Cebu?

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