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2020 Schedule of Arhatic Yoga Retreat and Special Events

Atma Namaste.
Greetings of light and peace!
The Pranic Healing Foundation of the Philippines is organizing Arhatic Yoga Retreat and special courses in October 2020.  We will  update you later  the registration fees once we have the final agreement with the hotel

Please see below the schedule:


  • October 16-18, 2020 – Arhatic Yoga General Retreat
  • October 19, 2020     – Arhatic Yoga Level 1 & 2 
  • October 20, 2020 – Arhatic Yoga Level 3 (For New and review)


  • October 19——  Pranic Fengshui ( New or review) 
  • October 20 ——-Pranic Crystal Healing ( New or review)


  • October 21— Spiritual Triumph w/ Angelic Realm ( S.T.A.R.)**
  • October 22-25— Applied Spiritual Technology ( A. S. T ) ****

(Disclaimer:  This course is not  MCKS’ course.  It is designed by Master Faith as an enrichment program to help the students ground the teachings to help address   the issues of the society with a personal touch and a global impact )


AST: Pranic Crystal Healer & Arhatic Yoga diligent practitioner

Must attend Arhatic Yoga Retreat


A) HEALTH MANAGEMENT: –Formula for Miraculous Healing of Karmically caused Ailments.-Heal a couple to prepare for  a Wholesome Baby with a mature Soul-Heal severe Psychosomatic ailments such as autism, bipolarity & insanity.
B) RELATIONSHIP  MANAGEMENT:- Healing & strengthening wholesome family through generational Healing- Holistic Management for a Wholesome Living ( organization / congregation)- Mass Healing of brokenness & emptiness  in rehabilitation Centers 
C) FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT– Healing & Consecrating Business  Companies, Building Construction in progress- Strengthen Prosperity  magnet through visible & invisible co- workers- Heal establishments, lots , cars & old stuff from past negative history   to  restore spiritual magnetism & strengthen safety & security.
D) SPIRITUAL MANAGEMENT– Holistic Management of Spiritual disconnection or Emptiness- Consecrating water, medicines & food stuff for spiritual nourishment.- Prepare a dying person for a peaceful and dignified death 

 Being a Miracle Worker in Holistic Life Management working with the Angelic Kingdom in our Family  Profession, Business Endeavors, Building Construction, medical Procedures &  in Holistic Agriculture.

A)Holistic Family Formation for a Holy Humanity -Holistic Parental Formation to build a Holy Family -Holistic Leadership Formation starts in every Home -Balanced Family Life: Material & Spiritual Prosperity

B) Holistic Education for wholesome Formation of Professionals -Spiritual Leadership in Education to produce genuine Professionals -Integration of Spiritual Technology and Business Entrepreneurship. -Education for Self formation towards Societal Transformation

C) Holistic Agriculture for Wellness, Richness & Environmental Care-Integration of Spirituality and Agriculture for Holistic Health Care-Recognizing and employing the doctors of Nature in Agriculture-Providing a Home for Nature Spirits and perpetuating Angel’s Presence.

D) CREATIVE ACTION for HOLISTIC LIFE MANAGEMENT-IAM~ Being a Miracle Worker -Holistic Life Management through the Trinity-Lighting Lives & Spreading the Teachings through H.O.M.E service.

E) Building A Healthy Self Image through           

 – raising our level of consciousness             

– raising our level of expectancy           

 – raising our level of significance.

  F) Excel in every thing you do ( Be Number One) capitalize on :             

– Being born Unique             

– Being a born Champion           

 – Being born a product of Success

G) Letting Go & Letting God ~ Be a Person of Integrity             

– Build your Spiritual Muscles  in adversities             

– Strengthen our Vehicles in our weaknesses             

– Develop a Victor & restoration Mentality  

H.) Co- creating and Experiencing inner Healing & Transformation             through Energy awareness in every Art to bring significant results           

– Meditating  & praying           

– Speaking  & writing            

– Singing    & dancing            

– painting  & sculpturing

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