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Driving Away Misfortune

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Driving Away Misfortune

By Jefferson Lim

Jefferson Lim

Jeff is a Pranic Healer, Arhatic Yogi, Banker, Entrepreneur and a Yoga Teacher. He is now learning how to drive. He called his talk HOME Driving School and gave tips on how to drive away misfortune.

Some cavemen were very strong. They would carry the cargo by themselves. Some were smarter. They invented the wheel and put the cargo there so they can just push it.
* Wisdom is superior to brute force. We have to think and not just act.

What happpens if the horse is wild? The carriage will run amok.
Sometimes it’s the horse that’s in control. We are the driver and not the horse.
* The driver (soul) should be in control not the horses (body,emotions,mind).
When you’re very emotional, don’t make major decisions. The tendency is the horse will be the one that will pull you to the wrong direction.

Before you drive a car, you check first the wheels if there is a flat tire.

* In life, we have four wheels (physical,emotional,financial,spiritual). If one of the wheels is flat, your life won’t go as smoothly.

If the car is dirty, you do a car wash.
* Dirty Aura = poor perception. Clean your aura regularly. Pranic Healing and Meditation on Twin Hearts teach us how to clean our aura or someone else’s aura.

What drives the car? Gasoline or diesel
*What fuels your body and soul? The body is the combination of the food we eat. Food becomes part of your body. 
“Dirty food dirties the body. Dirty words dirty the soul.” GMCKS
Before Pranic Healing, Jeff was very health conscious. One morning, their helper did not prepare organic, unpolished brown or red rice. He became very upset. Because of Pranic Healing, he became more aware that he should regulate his words.

Cars have rear and side mirrors.
“People close to us are like mirrors. They help us see our blind spots.” 
* A few days ago, Jeff jokingly told his sister that their father could be a pastor because he sermons a lot. His sister said that their father is just concerned about him. Jeff thought he was becoming a verbal punching bag because his father was not very constructive with his “sermons”. Jeff now knows that his father cares for him and that he has to adjust.

Why do we wear a seatbelt? For safety.
* Discern. Know the reason why you do things. Just because it is in the law doesn’t mean that it has to be followed. In some countries, gambling and prostitution are legal. This doesn’t mean that we have to engage on those activities. Think first before you act. Don’t just follow blindly.

* Law of Karma is like the brakes. We stop and think before we act. If we do good, we receive good.

* Faster is not always better ex. fast food, instant noodles, microwave, etc.
Just because it’s fast doesn’t mean it’s good. Sometimes we are in a rush to do things but we don’t do it properly.

What stage are you in life?
* Depending on where you are in life, your priorities change.
“The Middle Path is not always 50-50. You have to adapt to the situation.”
Balance does not mean 12 hours meditation and 12 hours work.

When driving, we should look at the signs. Otherwise, we might get caught by the police or have an accident.
* “Our feelings are like signs. Happiness can be a GO signal. Unhappiness tells us something is wrong.”
Some people have career or mid-life crisis. This unhappiness triggers them to reflect, to find what is wrong and to correct it. In the past, Jeff was unhappy with his job. This caused him to reflect and find a better job.

What happens when the road is too slippery? Accident
* In life some people are so pampered. They fold up when given little challenges. Obstacles are part of life. They make us stronger. Jeff had his share of challenges in varsity, work and love life. At first his heart was “demolished” but now it’s “renovated”. If we view misfortune as a training, then there is nothing to drive away.

‘Service & tithing’ is your airbag.
* “If you want to pay off your negative karma fast, do service and tithing.” GMCKS
Help other people. When you’re in need some people will help you back. Helping is a form of gratitude. It’s a way of giving back to God. If we want to accelerate our spiritual growth, do service and tithing.

* “Turn your time to CommuTe into time to CommuNe with God.” Jeff personally practiced this. Because he was stuck in traffic, he was able to come up with his talk. At work, he recently transferred to training. Sometimes the travel is long. He wanted to give a secret present to his audience. While in the car, Jeff does the Meditation on Twin Hearts and blesses the venue and all the participants.

* “Detachment is knowing when to apply effort and when to let go.”

Jeff had a friend before whom he was in good terms with. Some friction happened and they were not so good anymore. Jeff tried to fix their relationship. He gave her gifts and even wrote her an apology letter. His friend returned the apology letter to him. If Jeff was too attached to the situation, he would have been very stressed. Jeff prayed for his friend silently and just let go.

A small boat can only bring one or a few people to the other side. A big boat can bring cargo and a lot of people to the other side.
* Grand Master Choa Kok Sui is like a big boat. He didn’t just keep Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga to himself. He wanted to bring others to a better life. 

“Compassion allows us to be a ‘great vehicle’. We become BIG boats by helping others.”


“Spirituality and Materialism are like the two wings of a bird. We need both to fly.” -GMCKS

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