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Learning to Unlearn – by Angel Masilang

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Learning to Unlearn

-Angel Masilang

Ms. Angel Masilang is a biochemist, an entrepreneur, a loving wife, a beloved mother, a practicing Pranic Healer and Arhatic Yoga practitioner.
Angel’s important lesson in Pranic Healing is ‘learning to unlearn‘. She had to unlearn a lot of things. She took up Biochemistry and was disciplined to think like a scientist. She had explanation for everything. She had to unlearn a few technological principles which she learned from working in food manufacturing firms. She also had to unlearn mechanism of action of the pharmaceutical drugs she handled in her 10 year experience as Product Manager.

Only when she unlearned the scientific things that she kept in mind did she learn that there is energy.

Angel was very skeptical when she took the MCKS Basic Pranic Healing©® class. She couldn’t see anything and this goes beyond her Physics books. When she finally learned to accept that there is such a thing as energy, that is only the time that she began to move slowly and apply the principles of MCKS Basic, Advanced, Psychotherapy and Pranic Crystal Healing©®.

One time, she got a text message from the caregiver. The BP of her Nanay (mother) was abnormally high (145/100). Angel asked the caregiver to monitor her Nanay’s BP and to text her every 30 minutes. Angel was confined in the four walls of their bedroom. She did the healing on her Nanay until such time that her BP normalized. She didn’t need to rush back to Quezon. She said that Pranic Healing indeed works. But one time, Angel had no choice but to go to her Nanay to rush her to hospital. Her mother was aching all over, had high body temperature and was restless. When she was discharged, she withdrew. She refused to eat and drink was just staring blankly at the television. Every week, Ms. Angel had to ask a nurse to give her an IV fluid.

It was a blessing that Angel and her family attended the MCKS Pranic Feng Shui©® course given by Master Faith. They did some arrangements in her Nanay’s house. Things improved. Her Nanay began to eat and drink, became more stable and her BP remained normal. They also made arrangements in their house and office. The first P.O. they got from a major drugstore chain is increased by 3000%. Ms. Angel said that MCKS Pranic Feng Shui©® works!

The MCKS Spiritual Business Management©® course also helped them realize that everyone in the company has a role to play. They sent their office staff to attend the Basic Pranic Healing Seminar. It was very helpful because as an organization, their staff and family work together and they know what the mission is. Their staff are also able to do healing among their family members.

The Applied Spiritual Technology enrichment session helped Angel to enhance the therapeutic quality and efficacy of their products. They also applied the technology in their farm. The harvest of their red rice was fivefold. She said Applied Spiritual Technology works!

Before Pranic Healing, her son Macky was suffering from anxiety. They consulted mainstream doctors, alternative doctors, herbalist, acupuncturist and was led to Pranic Healing. Macky must have felt better because he advised that the course will also help Angel.  After she took the MCKS Basic Pranic Healing©® course, she asked her daughter Mona to join. They all took the higher courses in 2017 and early 2018. Her husband, Mar joined later. He was intrigued because there was tremendous transformation in their two children. He eventually took the MCKS Basic Pranic Healing Course up to Arhatic Yoga.
Angel shared that she feels so blessed that in their family, no one feels young nor old to learn Pranic Healing. They are a family of Pranic Healers and Pranic Healing helped and healed them. They can do everything with Pranic Healing!

According to Master Choa, “After the storm comes the stillness. After the heavy rain, there is growth. After the unpleasant changes, there will be greater activity, greater success.”  Angel knows that their family will be battered by more storms, drenched by heavy rain and riddled with unpleasant changes. But with Master Choa’s teachings, she knows that there will be greater activity and greater success.

One time Angel had a meaningful conversation with her daughter, Mona. She noticed that she wasn’t feeling well and asked what’s bothering her. Angel realized that she was afraid to grow old. Mona told her that she will grow old graciously because she is a Pranic Healer and an Arhatic Yoga Practitioner. Master Choa has teachings to help her prepare for the future. Her daughter, the youngest Pranic Healer in their family, gave her that shot in the arm when she was feeling so low and forgetful of all the teachings that she thought she knew.

Angel shared that it will help if there are more Pranic Healers in the family. She invited people to join the school and to attend all the courses to discover how it feels to prepare for a future where we will be growing old graciously.


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