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Contentment with Life and Self

January 29, 2023 Leave a comment Go to comments

by Mia Geronimo

One thing I have learned in life is to be content and grateful for what God has reserved for me. I had struggled with anger and hangups about my life, especially about my unique family background (no biological dad around, no siblings or close cousins). I wanted to be like everyone else. For instance, I longed to have a barkada (peer-group) and do gimmicks (I previously had no solid friends nor did frequent gimmicks). I also longed to have my mom and dad around and to bond with cousins at family gatherings and other events.

All I could do was resent my uncommon life and not count my blessings. God had actually blessed me with so much. However, in all honesty, I sometimes turned a blind eye to my blessings. I focused on whatever I did not have and how envious I was of others.

Imagine the following scenarios:

-A person living in a high-end single house who wishes s/he lived in a family compound instead

-A second-born child who wishes s/he was in a family where s/he was the first-, no older, child before him/her

-A last-born who wishes there was a younger child who came after him/her

-A millionaire unhappy with his salary and wanting to be a billionaire

-A person who has traveled a lot in the world but feels bad that s/he has not been to her/his dream destination

-A second honor student feeling frustrated over not getting first honors

All they can think of is what’s missing, without appreciating the blessings that came with their situation.

It hurts God to see His child so discontented after receiving all those blessings. It’s like giving a nice dollhouse to your 6-year-old daughter for her birthday. Of course, you expect to see her cheerfully smiling and thanking you for her gift. Instead, all she can do is grumble that all you gave her is the dollhouse.

“Mom/Dad, is this all you can give me for my birthday? It’s not enough”. You hear this much to your disappointment. How much more hurt can you be that she received it with discontent instead of appreciation?

That is exactly the same feeling God has when He gives you this buffet of blessings and all you do is grumble over what you don’t have.

It’s called ingratitude. Discontentment. Thanklessness.

That has been me at certain points. But now, I have decided to be more grateful for my situation—even my unique family structure. Admittedly though, I still find myself once in a  while with a half-empty mindset. I cannot say I have mastered gratitude. I still have a lot of work to do to become even more appreciative. However, I noticed that my discontent with life has drastically reduced. The tools of Pranic Healing, especially the Kriyashakti techniques, have helped me focus more on abundance instead of on lack.

When I resolved to be more grateful, I noticed I got more and more blessings. For example, my friendships have improved. Early last year, I reconnected with God-centered, spiritual girlfriends. Eventually, we became a barkada and started going out frequently. I also became close to more people from the Pranic Healing family. I have more service opportunities as a student of the Pranic Healing school. I am part of the attendance team in the 5AM online meditation. I also am in the tech team in the evening online healing enrichment sessions.  I joined an online marketing business early last year and found good friends among fellow distributors. I also saw improvements in my relationships with family, physical health, and spiritual life—especially getting closer to God, and in my finances.


Much as I have learned to be more appreciative, I still find myself wanting more of this and that. I want to live a “normal” life like everyone else. I am able, though, to balance this striving for a better life and contentment with my situation.


I learned that it is okay to want more but still be content with what you have. Contentment does not mean complacency. Also, the desire for more should not mean a dislike of your life. Balance contentment and desire for more, in other words.


God gives us sufficient blessings and to appreciate them is to appreciate what He has done for us. He wants to see us, His children, be appreciative of His gifts.


Remember to always thank God for His blessings. Every day should be Thanksgiving Day, not just on the 4th Thursday of November. After all, His blessings come to us all 365 or 366 days of the year.  Even the smallest of blessings shall you thank Him for. The mere fact that you woke up today, that you can breathe—even that deserves appreciation. Be grateful but don’t be complacent. Strive for more but don’t be ungrateful.


mia Geronimo

Mia Geronimo is a Pranic Healer and Arhatic Yoga Practitioner. She believes that holistic healing is the key to one’s best life.


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