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Miracles Through Pranic Healing and Meditation

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by Madeline Retuta, M.D.

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with cervical disc desiccation, meaning the cervical or the 1st seven (7) spine in the neck region has become dehydrated reducing the flexibility and height of the disc. It is normal to wear and tear as part of the aging process. It manifested as a burning pain in my neck, and upper back, numbness, and weakness on my face and scalp radiating down my right shoulder, arms, hands, and legs. I was then in my early 50s.  There were times when I would almost fall due to sudden weakness in my affected leg, and the burning pain sensation in my back was bothersome.  It is not fatal but debilitating. I was informed that there is no treatment except for pain relievers, some exercises, or cervical injections- medical interventions that I knew would only provide temporary relief.

As a Pranic Healer I am aware that my condition is brought about by the malfunctioning of my chakras or energy centers, and by my prolonged improper emotions as well as the quality of blood circulation and the other systems in my body, resulting in the disorder.

At that time, I have been doing regular Meditation on Twin Hearts             (MTH). After a few months of doing the Meditation, I gradually was able to go about my daily routines without being bothered. It was then that I realized that the intensity of the pain and numbness has been substantially reduced, allowing me to function normally. Experiencing this benefit,   I did the practice even more intently by imagining and affirming that my physical and energy bodies be cleansed and purified.

I am grateful that I am a Pranic Healer and that I learned about MTH. I didn’t have to endure pain, be debilitated, unnecessarily; or take medications for life.

Where medical intervention ends, Pranic Healing perfectly complements. At times, it can be the only choice.  Having been healed completely of this condition even made me a better person, appreciating my health as I experienced adversity.  It made me more compassionate toward those who have been suffering from chronic debilitating illnesses. It is a saving grace. I have been free from this condition for several years now up to the present. It is one of the many miracles I have received in my practice.

Yes. We have a choice. We can choose Pranic Healing. I’m glad I did. What do you choose?


Pranic Healing


Dr. Madeline Retuta is a Medical Doctor by profession and an Entrepreneur.  She is also a Certified Associate Pranic Healer, an Arhatic Yoga Practitioner, and Manager of Region 1 Pranic Healing and Training Center.

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