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Instead of “What if”

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Instead of Climate Change,

Why not… Climate Stability?


Instead of Gender Equality,

Why not… Gender Respect?


Instead of Eliminate Racism,

Why not… Promote Humanism?


Instead of Finger-pointing,

Why not… Reflecting?


Instead of Blaming,

Why not… Growing?


Instead of Punishing,

Why not… Helping?


Instead of Exclusion,

Why not… Own Volition?


Instead of Excuses,

Why not… Accept Challenges?


Instead of Embarrassment,

Why not… Empowerment?


Instead of Being Bitter,

Why not… Be Better?


Instead of Justify,

Why not… Purify?


Instead of Medication,

Why not… Meditation?


Instead of Panicking?

Why not… Pranic Healing?

pranic healing

Tulip considers herself a naturally born “soul writer.” She started writing at the age of 9.  She became a Community Newsletter resident contributor and editor at 14.  She is the author of various Behavioral and Technical Modules and a Trainer of  “The Train Commandments & The Lead Commandments” in the corporate world.  She has been a blogger since 2011 and writes about “Life & Living.” She is also one of the founders of Soul Writers Club and worked with a famous British Novelist as an editor and proofreader.

She is an AY practitioner and a proud Pranic Healer whose love for literature and the Arts have always been incorporated into her daily life.

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