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MCKS in the Eyes of a Student

He was born into a rich family. He need not have to strive very hard, and yet early in his youth he kept his faith to a longing that someday, he will touch many lives and fulfill their hidden longings, that they can be greater than themselves, greater than their lives. That someday he will have to seek for them in many climes and places.

He will have to travel. This, his early mentors have predicted. He will be a teacher of a longing and he will cross the length and breadth of many lands to share.

Thus, early in his life, he had studied to prepare. Though he could have been an ordinary child who played with toys, instead…..

He walked towards the hearts of his mentors so that he can prepare himself to fulfill the longings of his future friends, students and disciples.

He could have played with sands on the beach and fiddled with wooden toys.

He did little of that. Instead…..

He touched the books and searched in them the wisdom of the old. He mined the ancient teachings for the nuggets of the spirit that he may learn to touch the hidden wisdom of life.

Instead of games on the streets and walks along the beaches with his childhood friends, he sat and waited under his tutors that he may learn the nature of energy that in the future he may learn to touch other souls.

He learned to heal early.

As he grew older, he kept at it. His readings became deeper. He sat and meditated. He prayed and invoked. He hoped and beseeched the Lord. He implored his Inner Teacher to train him deeper. He read more and experimented. He persevered and meditated more.

The Lord has blessed him with prosperity and talent in business. He could have chased after money. He could have stayed at home and kept to the company of his woman and the children she bore. But he did not. Instead he made his body the cauldron of his hidden alchemy.

He studied alchemy and how it transforms life ordinary into greatness. He made the fire in him burn until it was aflame. He was a moth willing to burn in order to master the fire of Kundalini. He could have chosen to become an ordinary man.

But, he wanted to prepare, that when he sees his students, he could share with them the promise he made long before they were born, when time has not moved, when they were together in one light, that he will bring them to the Greater Light.

So that our hands, like his, will bring life and joy to others. Our touch will take away pains and sufferings, just as his touch does. That we can lift others like the way he lifted others towards the love of the One.

Our light will take away darkness, just as his light has taken away darkness which has enveloped us before that we may become special in the eyes of many and a leader of men and women wherever we may be.

For we would have realized then:
We are all sons and daughters of the Most High.


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