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Unleash Your Potential

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Pranic Healing

By Madeline Retuta, M.D.


Being a medical doctor, a wife, and a parent, I always believed that I have a fulfilled the milestones mostly expected from one’s life journey.  I was happy and content.

When I learned about Pranic Healing, my eyes were opened to a wider perspective.  I gradually developed a consciousness of endless possibilities.  While my life was good enough, learning the simple but effective teachings made me more aware that there is more to life than what I had.  I realized how small my world was.

Case in point, I never knew I had a knack for business. Our family was  able to acquire in a few real estate properties, an additional house, and lands.  We bought  these properties without having a clear plan on what to do with them.

I used to be a government employee.  My income was limited to my salary, but as I pursued the Financial management courses in the Pranic Healing school such as the  Spiritual Business ManagementPranic Feng Shui, and Kriyashakti, I learned that  we can have even more abundance and prosperity if we have a channel to materialize these. The courses were either 1-2 days; and for  the enrichment course on Applied Spiritual Technology, a 4-day course.

Here, I gained insight on  what to do with our properties.   I can turn these  into income-generating assets.  As my first business endeavor, I did not really know where and how to start.  There were times that I would sit in the middle of the building to visualize what I wanted to happen and feel the surroundings.  Lo and behold!  My thoughts would just flow creatively.  This started our Real Estate Leasing business, by providing accommodations to tourists in our area, which is the Surfing Capital of the North.  The business was an instant hit.  We had a continuous stream of clients.  Customers were not only satisfied but left our place clean, grateful, appreciative, and delighted.  The following year, we acquired an adjacent property.  Another building that is perfectly fit and designed for the same purpose, without much effort.  The whole family is happily on board with the business project.  Soon after, the children took the reins in managing our business.

Operating the business at a higher level of consciousness, that is, it is beyond just the monetary benefits, but it serves as an avenue for creativity, much gratitude, learning, enhancing relationships and doing service.  The income generated enabled us to tithe, give, and share more than we used to, and to take care of other people.  We tithe diligently   out of  appreciation and gratitude  for what we have in life.  It is in doing business that we learned that it is in allowing other people to earn and  make money  that we can have more.  We  also bless other people’s livelihoods a lot, and it works!  Money just flows!

      Pranic Healing helps unleash one’s potential to limitless possibilities — more than one can ever imagine.  It makes life more colorful, interesting, and prosperous.  According to MCKS, “Things happen because we will them to happen.

Creation is done by the Will influencing the Inner Inner World.”     I learned all of these in Pranic Healing.  You, or anyone  can learn it too.



Pranic Healing


Dr. Madeline Retuta is a Medical Doctor by profession and an Entrepreneur.  She is also a Certified Associate Pranic Healer, an Arhatic Yoga Practitioner, and Manager of Region 1 Pranic Healing and Training Center.

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