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    November 8, 2012 at 1:30 am

    I have heard about Pranic Healing way back during my College days in 1990’s. I have seen some of the books of the Grandmaster sold in bookstores which proliferated everywhere like mushrooms. During that time I was very skeptical of anything that has to do with energy healing. Even the concept of chakras for me was nonsensical or naive because I thought that this was a figment of the imagination and anyone who believed in them I thought was foolish and gullible not to see that these things were part of kids’ cartoons – a person detached from reality who lived a life of fantasy and illusion (creating balls of light, projecting energy force to others, etc I found very amusing in cartoon characters before). Little did I know that after almost more than 10 years I would have a 360 degree turn regarding my belief about the truth on energy healing. I can almost say that I have eaten back those hurtful and offensive words I said before. I have already completely forgiven myself since I fully knew that I was ignorant and immature that time in the way I saw energy healing, especially Pranic Healing. I became first a Reiki practitioner before re-discovering Pranic Healing. I am glad to have become a Reiki healer because I learned that I am a channel of God’s healing love to others. I became a volunteer in giving Reiki to others. But soon I became aware that there were a lot of gaps in my knowledge and practice of Reiki. I developed some pain and weakness in my body and I diligently applied Reiki on myself. During my self-healing session I heard a clear voice (Yes I am clairaudient – a gift that I received when I learned Reiki) telling me to go and look for a Pranic healer. The Voice is that of the Holy Spirit, the Infinite Healing Presence of God. I followed immediately the prompting and searched for a pranic healer. I was able to locate one in Quezon City. As somebody who has been practicing energy healing myself, I was surprised about the peace and serenity I received during my first pranic healing session, which led me to attend for the next few healing sessions, and soon was invited to attend the Basic Pranic Healing seminar last August 2012. Pranic Healing, its spiritual laws and its detailed procedures and logical protocols, were the missing keys to my healing practice. I can confidently say that my Reiki practice and meditation deepened and the tools I learned in Pranic Healing helped a lot. In fact the Reiki energy grew stronger and more powerful when I used the pranic breathing techniques I learned during the seminar. I thank God for this wonderful gift! To Grandmaster Choa, to the trainors and healers, thank you very much! My life would never be the same again without Pranic Healing! From now on I have dedicated my life to become a channel of healing to others. The long wait for me to learn Pranic Healing was over and I am so glad to have become a pranic healer. Thank you so much and Namaste to all!

  2. November 13, 2012 at 8:52 pm

    I had a calling five months ago, I was desperate in helping distant heal my youngest child. Something happened to me that night. Then a week after, my HANDS are radiating energy.

    So, I knew it was God’s gift of healing hands to me. But then, I don’t know what to do with it. I don’t even have an idea how to heal .. although by just placing my hand is oftentimes enough. But still, I knew I had to learn and fortify the gift. I have researched over the NET for healing strategies and found REIKI (Japan), HUNNA/MANNA (Hawai), CHI (China) and PRANIC HEALING.

    Of all the healing methods … I believe PRANIC HEALING suits my gift too well.
    And just recently, I bought their books and the books are very informative and STRAIGHT TO THE POINT.

    More power to MCKS and Pranic Healing Foundation of the Philippines.

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