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Basic Pranic Healing


All human beings are surrounded by an invisible energy body called the human aura. The aura serves as our natural shield and is connected to our overall success and well-being. Pranic Healing brings forth wholistic healing for holistic living because everything is energy. Through Pranic Healing, one will learn how thoughts, feelings, words, relationships, habits, and attitudes, lifestyle and livelihood all manifest as energy to bring forth success in all aspects of ones life.

Basic Pranic Healing

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This course will introduce you to the basic principles surrounding the science and art of Pranic Healing. The Basic Pranic Healing course involves the manipulation of the energy body (aura) and energy centers (chakras) that control the Physiological, Psychological, and Spiritual states of a person. You will be taught basic pranic healing skills to bring down fever in just a few minutes, and heal minor ailments like headaches, colds, asthma, stomachache, and stress-related ailments. Major illnesses like eye, kidney, and heart problems can be relieved in a few sessions.

In this workshop you will:

  • Understand and sense the etheric (energy) anatomy
  • Use Pranic breathing techniques to increase your energy level
  • Pranic Healing procedures in the treatment of diseases
  • Pranic first aid, preventive and curative healing
  • Manage health and financial crises through Pranic Healing
  • Experience the power of meditation as a form of world service through the Meditation on Twin Hearts
  • Physical and inner purifications which result in character building.
  • Self-healing techniques
  • Distant healing

Unit 2210 Medical Plaza Ortigas, 25 San Miguel Ave., Ortigas Center Pasig City

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Call:  63917.852.7434  |  (632)8635.9733-34

Email: pranichealingphilippines@gmail.com



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