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Thought Entities

January 27, 2020 1 comment

-Master Choa Kok Sui The Origin of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga Pg.144

Entity of Love


Thinking and feeling produce energy beings which are called thought forms or emotional thought entities or thought entities for short. Calling them thought entities is more accurate because they are living beings. These thoughts and feelings are real and could affect and influence you and other people positively or negatively. When you think of something, you are producing a thought entity. If you think a positive thought , the thought will have a positive effect on you. Thinking negatively will naturally produce a negative effect.

When a person has had a traumatic experience, the traumatic energies produced are lodged in several chakras or energy centers which may, in the long run, manifest as stress or phobia. These traumatic energies have certain degrees of consciousness and are called traumatic thought entities. A phobia is nothing more than a traumatic fear energy or phobia thought entities that are lodged in a certain chakras or chakras of the patient.

Once the phobia thought entities or the fear energies are partially or completely removed from the chakras by a Pranic Healer, the patient will feel a definite improvement.

A traumatic experience may produce repeated thoughts of fear, poor self-esteem, insecurity, futility, and /or indifference. Thinking and feeling negatively for a long period of time will produce negative thought entities with strong inhibiting effects, manifesting as severe depression.

The phobia thought entities are located in the congested areas of the solar plexus, throat and crown chakras. Obsession and compulsion are also due to powerful thought entities lodged in the solar plexus, throat and crown chakras.


To hasten the healing process, it is important to instruct the patient to maintain a positive attitude –to think, feel and act positively. Daily positive affirmation is very useful. The healer should create a positive image of the patient, and encourage him to create and maintain a positive self-image or a positive image of what can be through daily positive self-affirmation or positive visualization.

– Master Choa Kok Sui The Origin of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga Pg.144 [Copyright Institute for Inner Studies]

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Law of Karma, Karmic Repercussions and Neutralizing Negative Karma

January 17, 2020 Leave a comment

-Master Choa Kok Sui


The Bible states that what a person sows, a person reaps. This statement sums up what is know as the Law of Karma. If you plant a grain of rice, you will have a plentiful harvest of rice. If you do good intentionally, you will also receive goodness many times in return. In the same manner, when you deliberately do something bad, it will come back to you many times.

Because of the implications of of the Law of Karma, principles and techniques dealing with the science of psychic self defense should be used only for a good purpose.


What are the negative karmic consequences of misusing power? To understand what will be reaped, let us learn first what is being sown.

What can happen when a black magician physically attacks someone? The victim may suffer from mental anguish or may become emotionally imbalanced, depending on the severity of the psychic attack. If the target is physically harmed, he may get sick or, in severe cases, even die. When he gets sick, will he be able to work? No. Since he cannot work, he becomes financially adversely affected. Will it also create emotional problems for the family members? Yes.

The karmic effects of black magic are misfortune, poor health, sickness, poverty and insanity.

Psychically dominating and mentally enslaving others have severe karmic repercussions. Have you encountered people who are crazy? Some of them are physically tortured and possessed by negative elementals. The karmic consequence of repeatedly misusing this inner science results in madness or elemental possession. Mentally enslaving others may manifest as senility or idiocy.

Another effect of misusing power is having a severe physical ailment. In serious cases, it may manifest as prolonged paralysis.

Karmic repercussions may manifest as financial losses. The extent of the financial loss depends upon the kind of seed that has been sown. This could result in financial difficulties of bankruptcy that could last for several years.

The degree of the karmic consequences of misusing power to harm others depends upon to whom the negative energy is being directed. The more spiritually developed the victim is, the heavier the karmic repercussion.

There are many times when one unintentionally sends negative energy to others our of anger. A person may go into emotional outburst but realizes later on that he has made a mistake; he then apologizes. To physically compensate he sends blessings to the unintended victim. In such situation, the karmic repercussion is minimal.

To suffer severe, adverse karmic backlash, the misuse of power has to be done intentionally and repeatedly. the negative karmic effect is very heavy. IT IS BETTER NOT TO MISUSE ESOTERIC TEACHINGS. It is wiser to practice loving-kindness and non-injury and us the teachings for the betterment of all.


Can you neutralize the negative effects of a wrongdoing? If it is done unintentionally and without malice, then it can be neutralized. How do you do this? By using the Law of Forgiveness and Law of Mercy. Forgiving others who have wronged you is an opportunity for you to balance your karmic debts.

If you forgive others, you will also be forgiven. You can ask God to forgive you. The Law of Mercy can also be used to neutralize negative karma. Practicing tithing is another way of helping people. It is in giving that we receive. By showing mercy, you will also be entitle to mercy. Being charitable, helpful, non-vindictive and practicing tithing are manifestations of mercy and kindness.

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“Transcending Spiritual Emptiness”

November 19, 2019 Leave a comment

by: Robie Punsalan

(Robie is a Pranic Healer, Arhatic Yogi, student and practitioner of esoteric arts.)

Transcending means passing or going over boundaries or limits. What is spiritual emptiness? It could mean challenges, feeling nothing, manifestation of a broken ego, rock bottom.

Robie reached rock bottom in his life when he went through 3 years of darkness. Since 2012, he has been studying a lot of esoteric arts with no guidance. He says it was like a spiritual journey fast forward. It was a horrible experience that his family and friends worried about him. Robie did not like the fact that he was causing emotional pain & hardship to everyone around him.

He said that spiritual emptiness isn’t really a bad thing. It’s part of the learning process. It’s something we can use to become better people and it’s all in service to the Supreme Being.


– accepting that spiritual emptiness is a part of life
– trial given by God which will ultimately make us grow
– a product of karmic debt
– process that almost everyone goes through

Transcending spiritual emptiness is giving meaning to everything that happens in our life. Accept that we cannot change the situation. Learn and grow from it. Anything that doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

Robie always tries to look into the future when he does something. He tries to be a model that everyone else can follow. Do the right thing and everything else will follow.

Introspection is looking within yourself, contemplating on the details of a situation or your life. By doing introspection, you will be able to connect and learn.
– Recognize the problem. Looking within and identifying the root cause of the problem is a step towards enlightenment. Enlightenment means growth, learning, understanding, evolution. Knowing gives purpose to the emptiness, it’s a space for growth and evolution.

Character building is having a concrete self to serve as an example for others to follow. Robie used to be so depressed before and he would tell people about his problems. He learned that we grow through conflict, our hardships and everything that happens in our life. We begin to feel the bliss and show compassion to others when we find meaning and purpose to what happens in our life. We begin to look at everything with a positive mindset. Robie realized that he can’t take care of others if he doesn’t take care of himself. He has been trying to apply all the virtues taught by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

– fill the emptiness with Love, Light & Power
– turn weaknesses into strengths
– know that every time you get back up you are stronger
– giving purpose & meaning to everything we go through
– doing all of the above in service to the Supreme Being

2015 was the start of Robie’s healing process. He used to be so depressed and anxious. Then he realized that he has all the free time to do the things he wants to do. He started going back to school. His best friend recommended Pranic Healing to him. Andrey, one of the Pranic healers, healed his depression and anxiety. Robie took the classes. He realized that the legacy he wants to leave behind is heaven on earth.

Growth is never stagnant. Everything that we go through is given to us with meaning and purpose. When we see that, we are rewarded. Evolution is making our mistakes into answers. It is through our mistakes that we grow the most.

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