Support GMCKS’ Mission in the Philippines


-Organize group meditations and help bless Mother Earth


-Your financial donation will help propagate the teachings of GMCKS throughout the Philippines.

Your donations will go a long, long way in aiding financially the mission of Pranic Healing:

♥  Help build new healing centers

♥  Scholarship funds for the less privileged individuals,  priests, nuns, students, teachers and to those who are also doing humanitarian missions

Invoking for God’s Blessings:

Say:  ”Lord God, thank You for blessing me with the virtue of Generosity and Non-Stealing, and a compassionate generous heart that I may give and share to those in need.  Thank you also for blessing my life with abundance, wealth and riches.  With thanks and in full faith.” –GMCKS Compassionate Objectivity Sutra

To donate, please click on the Link below:

“As I give and share generously and abundantly, my life is blessed with so much abundance, so much prosperity, so much success”


May your generous heart bring you great, great blessings in  life!

Thank you!

“Tithing is not an expense.  Tithing is a karmic investment.  Tithe out of gratitude and to improve your spiritual connection -the size of your spiritual cord.” – GMCKS

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