Arhatic Yoga Retreat 2019 Details

Atma Namaste Dear Arhatic Yogis,

Great to have your PRESENCE for SOUL NOURISHMENT through ARHATIC YOGA GENERAL RETREAT on October 18, 19 & 20 and  Higher Levels Retreat on October 21 and  Build SPIRITUAL MUSCLES through:

APPLIED SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY ( AST) October  22-25 on being a Miracle Worker  as a Holistic Life Manager,  a profession that is pro- God, pro- life, pro- humanity and pro-environment.

Arhatic Yoga Retreat  is stimulating and Applied Spiritual Technology is concretizing ( solidifying).

What happens with the energy?

Great to observe the effect on building spiritual muscles with a uniform straight 4-day of soul nourishment & 5 day- spiritual empowerment with the presence of a multitude of visible & invisible coworkers in a radiant environment  & observe how the participants strengthen their 
Spiritual Magnetism to miracles.  Arhatic Yoga Retreat & AST is the whole journey.

Below is the Schedule and Energy Exchange:

(ENERGY EXCHANGE is inclusive of food and accommodation at the venue throughout the duration of the retreat and seminar)


1) Accommodation at the venue” means

a.)  FOR THOSE WHO ARE JOINING THE RETREAT ONLY – Inclusive of accommodation at the retreat place  on October 18(Friday) & 19 (Saturday). The participants have to book for their own accommodation before the retreat (October 17) and after the retreat (October 20)

b.) FOR THOSE WHO ARE JOINING BOTH A.Y. RETREAT and Higher A.Y. LEVELS RETREAT – Inclusive of accommodation at the  venue on October 18 to 20.  The participants have to book for their own accommodation before the retreat (October 17) and after the higher levels retreat (October 21) 

c.) FOR THOSE WHO ARE JOINING A.Y. RETREAT and Higher A.Y. LEVELS RETREAT, CRYSTAL and AST– Inclusive of accommodation at the  venue on October 18 to 24.  The participants have to book for their own accommodation before the retreat (October 17) and after AST (October 25) 

d.) FOR THOSE WHO ARE JOINING ALL THE COURSES– Inclusive of accommodation at the  venue on October 18 to 26.  The participants have to book for their own accommodation before the retreat (October 17) and after AST (October 27) 

2) What does the transportation to & from the retreat place mean? Is there a gathering place?

The retreat place is 2hrs away from the city.  We will provide bus transportation going to and coming from our retreat place.  We will all gather in front of our office building at 5:00am on October 18, Friday. Address of the meeting place is Medical Plaza Ortigas, #25 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center Pasig City

Transportation going back to Manila after the retreat and the other courses will be provided also.

3.) You can send payment through our bank account or through Paypal.  We will send you the details through email.
4.) If you need visa assistance, we would gladly help you.
FOR HOTEL RESERVATIONS: (nearest hotel to the meeting place)

1.)   Discovery Suites – This hotel was recently energetically healed and blessed by Master Faith. Email our Account Manager Ms. Bianca Albana at: website:

2.)  GoHotels Cybergate Plaza EDSA: Around 10-15mins away.    Their Website is  .  Please choose Cybergate Plaza EDSA as location.

3.)  BSA Twin Towers

4.)  Red Planet Hotels – Walking distance to the venue:  Red Planet Hotels   (please choose country PHILIPPINES and city/location ORTIGAS).

5.)  Jin Jiang Ortigas (Just beside our office building)  For corporate discount, please email our JinJiang Accounts Manager, Nikho Bacar at Please mention that you are a student of the Pranic Healing foundation of the Philippines

6.)  Mercure Hotel –

7.) Linden Suites –

8.)  Astoria Plaza Hotel –

9.)  Richmonde Hotel   website    or you can  directly email our Account Manager Mr. Neil Charles Lobo at

10.)Or you can book through AirBnB and choose Ortigas Pasig as the location (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)


October 18( Fri) —-ASSEMBLY in front of MEDICAL Plaza Ortigas Building, # 25 San Miguel Avenue Pasig City : 4:00am- 5 :00am

5:00 am —Departure from Medical Plaza to the Venue

7:00 am –  check in at venue and breakfast

8:30 am– Retreat Hall opens

9:00 am #- Retreat begins

October 20, 6pm – end of general retreat


  1.  Preferably white or cream retreat outfit ( comfortable for physical exercises)
  2.  Plans and programs for blessing
  3.  Healing Crystals and dis-integrators for Healing
  4. Swim wear (Tshirt or shorts)


How do you like having a profession that keeps you growing Spiritually & Financially Prosperous with Spiritual and Material Success?

PHFP-CENTER OF HOLISTIC LIFE MANAGEMENT welcomes you to a profession- vocation enrichment  workshop to  ground and apply GMCKS guidelines for Accelerated Progress to help perpetuate his legacy.

 Spirituality is practicality , therefore, we aim to provide a venue to :

  1. Appreciate & value the vastness & richness of GMCKS Spiritual Technology that paves the way to a Path of Balanced Material & Spiritual Prosperity.
  2. Provide  Arhatic Yogis   a practical way to build spiritual  muscles  through  an alternative noble profession with personal touch but with global impact.
  3. Perpetuate GMCKS legacy through  a relevant  Holistic Life Management from womb to tomb, human Life  to spiritual Life, visible to invisible.

“APPLIED SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY is a product of personal exposure with GMCKS nurturing guidance in providing services to people searching for solutions to life’s challenges. The protocols are polished through series of scientific investigations performed in both physical  & inner world.

AST had proven its efficacy through the living testimonies of  business companies, religious congregations, government and non- government  organizations schools, hospitals and families , couples and professionals who benefited from AST services & were so enthused to bring GMCKS’ Teachings as part of their Personnel Holistic Formation Program.  AST accelerates progress w/ integrity & credibility.” -Master Faith Sawey-

Building HOLISTIC LIFE MANAGERS through AST  is a response to GMCKS instructions:

” Pranic  Healing must spread constantly, deeply, properly, quietly and  professionally.” GMCKS


AST is powered by the practice of Arhatic Yoga 5 Pillars  to become a “Miracle Worker” through Inspired Action  for Creative Transformation to Achieve the Impossible and be of greater Service to Humanity as a HUMBLE DIVINE SERVANT

For Applied Spiritual Technology Course Curriculum click here  

Register online here

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