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MCKS Practical Psychic Self Defense for Home and Office

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Learn the science and art of protecting yourself from psychic attacks that are done intentionally or unintentionally.




A person feels weak after interacting with somebody.  A salesperson persuades you to buy a non-essential article.  A child becomes psychologically disturbed following the parent’s frequent arguments.  An employee feels uncomfortable the moment he steps into the office.

 These are common experiences that many helplessly experience. But, with MCKS Psychic Self Defense you can use simple, effective and practical remedies to counter-balance psychic problems.

♦  Learn several ways to shield yourself from projected negative thoughts and psychic contamination, such as fashioning and strengthening the human aura;

♦  Remove negative energies and vibrations from psychically dirty places;

♦  Reinforcing psychic defenses through counter attack and counter defense methods;

♦  Protect and shield yourself from dirty, unwholesome psychic radiatory field.

♦  Know how to deal with black magicians.

♦   Know the different kinds of negative thoughts that you have generated or projected by other people.

JANUARY 28, 2012- 8:00am  to  6:00pm 

Unit 2210 Medical Plaza Ortigas, San Miguel Ave. Ortigas Center Pasig City

Tel. # 635-9732 to 34



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