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PHFP Special Events and Higher Courses-update

July 16-17 – MCKS Arhatic Yoga Preparatory Level

August 27– MCKS Pranic Feng Shui

August 28 -MCKS Spiritual Business Management

September 3-4-Arhatic Yoga Level 1 & 2

October 28-30 – Arhatic Yoga National Retreat – PHINMA Tagaytay

December 3-4 – Pranic Healers’ National Retreat

December 17 -18 MCKS Kriyashakti

  1. Mae
    June 17, 2011 at 10:14 pm

    Namaste! I’m interested with Pranic Feng Shui and Spiritual Business management. How much is the fee and what are the prerequisites? Thanks!

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